A short horror game where you must search through a desolate warehouse to find "The Briefcase"; nothing is known of it's contents or why the warehouse workers suddenly disappeared, but someone - or something - doesn't want you to take it.

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It worked, wasn't buggy, didn't look bad. But it was about 6 minutes long with no story or...anything interesting, really. I played it twice just so I could see what the "bad end" was and even it wasn't exciting. There wasn't anything wrong with the technical aspects though so with a couple of tweaks and additions it could easily be improved upon!

edit: I take that back, the only thing I would change technically would be binding the "use" key to E, not enter.


KalebC says

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Was that the ending or did I die? I found the briefcase and then I walked out of that room and I heard some really loud footsteps coming from what sounded like metal and then I walked into the vent and I heard the sound of my face being eaten...

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