A short horror game where you must search through a desolate warehouse to find "The Briefcase"; nothing is known of it's contents or why the warehouse workers suddenly disappeared, but someone - or something - doesn't want you to take it.

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stjohnj says

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Pretty scary and riveting! I grabbed the briefcase and made a run through the vent. I was right next to the exit van and turned around real quick to be killed by a super fast moving monster! I was like "oh my god,how I get killed right next to my van!"

This game was very straight forward, that is why i am giving it 5/10.


Funny_Mitch says

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Short, fun horror game to play as the player has a simple task to collect a briefcase but as the player gets further and closer to the end, they see that they're not alone which then all of a sudden makes the game a lot scarier. Bit of an easy game to finish but still keeps me happy if I want some fun from a horror game. From my knowledge, you can only die if you take a certain amount of time in the game and then a black screen comes up and the player hears screams. The game might be better if there was a bigger possibility of dying and there were more objectives needed to be completed to get the briefcase.

good game

unfortunately, this is not an Horror-game, but good programmed.

Pretty good. I understand it's a short horror game, but I would like to see more ideas on this. Expand the game. Put a lot of backstory has to what the monster is, how the workers disappeared, what's in the Briefcase, etc. I would really like to see more of this. Other than that, excellent job! :)


Batguerra says

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At overall, The Briefcase may impress, with it's non-sense objective and a dark scenary, but overall, it's not that good.

I have to say 2 things about this game: the first is that as you progress through the map you notice the **** is getting serious because shadow are moving, and some strange noises are made, principally after you get the briefcase, a monster or something really scary starts to pursuit you.

The second and most important and that most horror indie games has: short gameplay. There no excuses, there's even 10 minutes of gameplay. Okey, you could at least try something better like , just after you get the briefcase that monster will get the briefcase and you will awake in a room and you have to escape, but you notice that the key is inside that briefcase, why not doing this?

I'm not going to be critic, The Briefcase is a scary game, and makes you **** in your pants. It's dark environments and noises makes the experience a lot more deep. If you want to play a horror game, but you don't want to be scared too much, play this game, you won't regret it.

It worked, wasn't buggy, didn't look bad. But it was about 6 minutes long with no story or...anything interesting, really. I played it twice just so I could see what the "bad end" was and even it wasn't exciting. There wasn't anything wrong with the technical aspects though so with a couple of tweaks and additions it could easily be improved upon!

edit: I take that back, the only thing I would change technically would be binding the "use" key to E, not enter.

Pretty short and easy, but still pretty damn scary.


GniQQ says

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- Good ideas (considering length)
- Simple gameplay (too much over-complicated games nowadays)


- extremely short
- no real point as there is nothing really happening, no way to die etc
- high quality graphics but really unused potential (I mean that really poor environment with nice graphics) and boring sounds (considering the length of the "game", should be at least rich environment and good atmosphere-making sounds).

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