A short horror game where you must search through a desolate warehouse to find "The Briefcase"; nothing is known of it's contents or why the warehouse workers suddenly disappeared, but someone - or something - doesn't want you to take it.

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too short but a great starter for horror gameplay.

Doesnt even start up.....wtf

krótka i nie starsza jak nei umiecie czytać to google translate :P

Simple and "delicious" as I like to call these kind of games. The thing creeped me out, I only had a glance at it. Nice indie

Awesome Game I completed it today

Great atmosphere!!!!

i only played the game for about 5 min till i got the briefcase and got out. had my heart racing for a moment but kinda disappointed

nice game 9/10 i find this a fun game to like one late night its funny i only found one thing the one enemy i dont know if theres more but if there are i missed them anyways nice textures and objects its a real fun game ive died 2 times but ill give it a few more trys

this game was a delicious scare like the power packed punch that no other drink except power aid carries. This game had the same quenching sweetness that the amazing power aid has. Power aid is a superior sportz drink that will resupply your thirst and replenish your energy! Now available the new, power aid lite the same taste with half the calories!! and the game was k

Wow, the game isn't scary but is worrying !

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