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In The Arcane Relics™, you are cast into the land of Terradim – a land full of wonder, mystery, & great danger. Assume the role of any type of character you wish in this wacky fantasy-medieval sandbox experience, featuring 4-player split-screen mayhem!

The game features strategic combat where hits can be placed on specific limbs, crippling them, and characters are limited in action via stamina. Armor pieces also slow down the wearer and only protect the limbs that they cover.

The end goal of this project is to make a dynamic fantasy sandbox with hand-crafted environments emphasizing co-op. Of course, the game will be playable in single player as well. The game is currently in a pre-alpha state, very early on, but playable.

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Hello everyone! Today marks our 3rd year anniversary of developing The Arcane Relics! Wow, already 3 years… We certainly underestimated the amount of time needed to get this game to where it is, but we’ve learned a lot and continue to surprise ourselves by what we’re able to accomplish. This past year we’ve managed to release the 1st public demo and are getting closer to the next update. This update will include an overview of changes since last year, as well as what we've been up to the last few weeks or so. First up, a year to this day-

We’ve made a lot of improvements since last November. Some notables:
(Some of these images may look familiar.)

  • Dalwood has grown in size:

  • New Zombie-infested Catacombs area:

  • Revised magic system:

  • Day/night cycle improvements: moon, stars, sky colors, clouds-

  • Hefting unconscious characters:

  • AI Improvements: simple Town Guards, pathing for Villagers, & NPCs capable of opening doors
  • Crossroads (yet to be revealed)
  • Increased movement speeds
  • Control changes: Attack buttons & sprint button change
  • Revised Party setup: characters can be created right in there
  • Crossroads Directional Signs: helps locating areas
  • Loading screen changes: radial loading bar, target scene/location name, spinny sword icon, & more message variations
  • Updated most object cursor common name displays (bottom-right)
  • Sprint FOV zoom
  • Texture improvements/changes (environment, items, UVs)
  • Look sensitivities dropped
  • NPC dialog improvements
  • Scene transitions besides warp portals
  • Additional skill group: Trades
  • More items: Helms/Hats, Weapons, Gems, Magic Catalysts
  • Few more spells & additional spell effects
  • Hit lean animations & hit block animations
  • Left-hand attack improvements: uses directional attacks, offhand does less damage
  • More settings
  • "Butt-load" of bug fixes

In public demo, but not present a year ago:

  • Upper Town
  • Additional plants: Blueberries, Strawberries, Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, Thyme
  • Town buildings:
    • Chicken Keeper’s house
    • Clothier
    • Inn
    • Botanical Shop
  • No NPCs in Town (just an angry mob & bats)
  • No sleep jingle
  • Cursor highlighter system: used to swap materials…

This is not a complete list, either.

Another main focus has been rebuilding and cleaning up old code and models. Since you can learn a lot in 3 years, we have found the need to revisit or, at least, clean up/improve some systems & graphics that were started near the beginning of development. The tricky bugs/issues seem to crop up in the stuff you haven’t looked at in a while.


This last week Jon primarily returned to working on the party setup, trying to improve the usability of the menus and fixing bugs with creating characters. He also improved the device query (“Waiting for input…”). Joining on a controller should be much more responsive now.

I worked on making the newest buildings into prefabs (optimizing & polishing) & made lily pad hats and cattail props.

Unity Tip: Jon also discovered builtin API in Unity for capturing a screenshot!


Maybe we won’t have lots of crazy cropped screenshot resolutions in the future… :)


He’s no cleric!?

Another magic catalyst.



This fixes hair clipping with helms.


Continuing work from previous weeks, Dalwood has grown in size. Now there’s a transition to the forest from a scene other than the Town.

Lower right: a view towards where the old edge of forest was (by sign signifying that you will “reach the edge of the world!”). Upper left: leads to pond area at lower left.

Alas, currently the forest doesn’t quite have the magical feel I’d hoped for… Therefore in the next version, one of the things I want/plan to do is to overhaul/redo the trees (particularly the oak & maple), making them taller & larger (adding variations, and some unique trees & roots). This, among other things planned, might do the trick. ;)


  • Homestead Window: I finally got the window encased. It is operable, as seen in the gif below-

  • Shop Ledgers: a nice aesthetic addition to shops.

  • [Fixed] Faster tree climbing (holding the sprint button) now consumes more stamina than normal climbing.
  • In the Loading Screen, click-to-continue changes color when input is sensed.
  • Horses can now trample/damage characters that you run into or jump on top of. WIP.
  • Dialog improvements, adding more NPC types and more variations.
  • You can no longer talk to aggravated NPCs. Previously, villagers who had a target could be talked to (even when attacking you).
  • AI pathing improvements: for one, if a target cannot be reached on the NavMesh, a nearby position is sampled.
  • Swapped some inputs to be sensed or occur on press/down instead of release, in order to make them more responsive.
  • Started redoing/improving the tunics (including chainmail ones, reducing crunching/etc).
  • Fixed some animation issues with spell casting.
  • Added a “Remove Player” button to in-game menu/settings.
  • Fixed: doors and windows no longer open/close on scene start.
  • Edited credits & its appearance.

We’re still working away and are still aiming to release the next version before the end of the year. Hang in there! :)

TAR Aug-Sept. Update & Roadmap Released

TAR Aug-Sept. Update & Roadmap Released

News 3 comments

Development Progress (from roughly August 20-September 30): new items, AI/NPC improvements, Settings progress, and our roadmap released!

TAR July-August Dev Update

TAR July-August Dev Update

News 1 comment

Development progress (since July 8th): new weapons, new helm, character customization, NPCs opening doors, Town & Graveyard improvements (new buildings...

TAR June - July Dev Update

TAR June - July Dev Update

News 2 comments

Development Progress (from Jun 4-July 8): new helm & hat, movement speeds, new skill group, new mechanic, crossbow reload, magic stone, next clouds iteration...

TAR May-June Dev Update

TAR May-June Dev Update


Progress report (from April 30-June 3): control changes, new magic system preview, new buildings, sprinting FOV, respawn system, & more!

RSS Files
TAR Demo v0.0.22.2 (Windows)

TAR Demo v0.0.22.2 (Windows)


First demo released to the public! (Pre-Alpha, v0.0.22.2)

TAR Demo v0.0.22.2 (macOS)

TAR Demo v0.0.22.2 (macOS)

Demo 1 comment

First demo released to the public! (Pre-Alpha, v0.0.22.2)

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I Love this game man,I Just got done playing the demo with a friend and he enjoyed it as well.In its current state its a little wonky and wild but it was quite enjoyable.The whole aspect of sitting down with friends and playing this is glorious.The potential is quite abundant here,It would be even cooler if there were to be mods for it.

Good luck with this wonderful game and to ya'll.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
aniemibro Creator

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it

Reply Good karma+1 vote

And if you don't mind I'd like to post some suggestions.

More Monsters! - Orcs,Goblins,Trolls?,Dragons?

More Races such as Elves,Dwarves,Orcs

Factions- The Main Kingdom,Possibly the ability to make your own tribe/Kingdom?

The Ability to build a house,Crafting in general

The Armor and weaponry already implemented is glorious,Job Well done.But hows about some warhammers,Halberds,Javelins,Longbows,Shortbows

The town is quite dry,I Know its in early access but eh.The town feels quite dry as of now,Not alot of npcs etc.

The ability to mod the game,I Can barely imagine all that could be made from this game.Like lord of the rings or game of thrones modules.

More Dungeons,The grand arena could use more obstacles within since its quite open,Maybe like deathtraps or ramps!

More Hairstyles,Facial hair.

Thats about it man,I ******* love this game man.The Potential like I said is just tremendous!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
aniemibro Creator

We don't mind suggestions. At this point, we plan to keep adding things from our backlog, but we are a small team so time encourages us to prioritize certain tasks/features. Someday, we hope to get many of these done. :) Dragons, for example, will probably be quite a while before getting in, a lower priority. We are working towards having some things moddable, but it's a slow process for us... We're learning as we go. :D

Reply Good karma+2 votes

When will you realese an update on teh game Loved it and is hoping for this to become the new skyrim kind of game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
aniemibro Creator

Glad you loved it :) We're still shooting for December for the next release. Stay tuned.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Awesome,So close but yet so far! I Can't wait.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hopely you keep the splitscreen co-op, do you plan also a PS4 release? If yes with splitscreen co-op as well?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
aniemibro Creator

Splitscreen co-op is a core-feature, and will continue to be! :D
We have no plans, as of now, for a PS4 release, but if we do decide to later, we would aim to keep it as a feature.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

this game work for 32 bit?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
aniemibro Creator

Yes, it should

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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