The Ancient Mark is a free indie adventure game for PC. The world is changing. Humanity will never be the same again but William...he was always minding his own business, without the need to care for anything that didn't quite fit his precious little cage. After the death of his parents, he inherited their house which is located in a small seaside town. He was there only for a few days and was already convinced tha nothing interesting was really going to happen. Until the morning he met Kate. Come and take part in a quest full of questions and mystery, in the first episode of the series: The Ancient Mark.

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I liked the art style and strong atmosphere.

i think its a very great game but it was hard on the stone table

this was a great game with great puzzles and a very interesting story behind it.this only thing i can say this on some of the tougher puzzles give some more hint in the letters or something. For instance after you set the machine and you put the paper puzzle togather you dont have any direction from there really maybe a hint to go out side on the paper with the flute notes. but all in all great game i am very happy with it. :)

I regress from my previous review. The game seems tedious but actually is very entertaining and nerve racking at times.



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