Tainted Fate is an open world horror adventure game played with two protagonists with original gameplay features. Played in first person, it features an inventory system, dynamic conversations, puzzles, two timelines (1940's and 2012), latest graphics technology and an engaging story that changes depending on your decisions.

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Let's talk a little about the effects NeoAxis engine has for us to make this game as beautiful as possible. This is the first in a series of news about Tainted Fate where we tell you about the game and hope you totally get psyched for it :D

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Greetings fellow IndieDB'ers.

I want to inform you about the post effects (effects that the graphics card applies after rendering a frame of the game) that we have in Tainted Fate at the moment. This list will grow as development continues, of course.

You have probably seen effects like these in games built on modern engines like UE3 and CryEngine.
Well NeoAxis is catching up with those big fish by way of adding new eye candy for us developers to work with.

The first posteffect we are going to show you is Depth Of Field.
DOF works by shooting a ray into the object you are pointing your cursor at and making that area sharp while blurring everything else around it (in a subtle way of course) thus simulating human eyes or camera lenses.

Here's an in-engine image to show you what I'm rambling about:

Post Effects

After DOF we have Light Scattering or God Rays:
This effects simulates the rays a strong light creates when behind an object. It works by zooming in the objects in front of the light and blurring them multiple times to get the wanted effect.

Map editor image:

Post Effects

Next up is SSAO which creates subtle shadows based on the vicinity objects:

Post Effects

FXAA which is pretty self-explanatory if you look at the images (better than other AA techniques because it uses less processing power):

Post Effects

Color correction and grayscale (used to get any kind of ambient without changing the lights in the level):

Post Effects

The last effect is a subtle but constant one: Vignetting
Used in most today's games, it makes a very subtle dark frame around the corners of the game's screen to give it a more movie-like feel.

Obligatory map editor image:

Post Effects

If you want to support the development of Tainted Fate, contribute to our Indiegogo funding campaign:

The next thing we'll talk to you about is graphical scalability and all the techniques we have for that. It's safe to say Tainted Fate will look great on a bazillion dollar rig, but also work great on a toaster if you lower the graphics enough.


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