Tainted Fate is an open world horror adventure game played with two protagonists with original gameplay features. Played in first person, it features an inventory system, dynamic conversations, puzzles, two timelines (1940's and 2012), latest graphics technology and an engaging story that changes depending on your decisions.

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In this post I will show you how the island of Tainted Fate evolved from a simple sketch to a very complex and detailed game area.

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Evoultion of an island

This drawing is the first thing made for the game. Back when it was supposed to be a short spooky adventure with one character that holds a camera. The enemies were supposed to be seen only on the camera, contributing to tense monster-chase sequences.
We can already see the outline of the island is very similair to what is in the game now. All the buildings are drawn at the places where they are. Even the living tree was already at its designated location.
P.S. Cliffs of Shit was the temporary name through development :D

Evoultion of an island

This is the oldest in-game image I could find of the island. Here we have completely placeholder textures, the lighthouse is already here, albeit in a non-textured form and with no interior. The gray ship seen here is merely a placeholder from a previous project of mine.
Only the pier is textured (coincidentally the pier is the only thing I completely remade :D) The cave is already under the island and textured,only in a lot smaller form than it is now.
The color thingies are the supposed path the character had to take to progress. These have nothing to do with the two character's path that's in the game now.

Evoultion of an island

We can see that the "mountain" is added on the left, and one of the green islands is still not reworked from the first image.
The "small" rocks all around the island have been added for a more realistic look.

Evoultion of an island

Here we can see the placeholder meshes for the church and the house are placed and all the islands are reworked. The special trees have been placed as well as the forest trees.
The ship has changed its location.

Evoultion of an island

This is at a lot later stage in development.
All the big rocks were added around the island, the living tree, house and church have real meshes and textures. The ropebridges are added between the "woody" islands. The ship is now at the right again. The cave has been expanded with a new giant room under the lighthouse. Fences were added around the buildings. A small cave behind the house has been added.
The lighthouse and ship are textured.

Evoultion of an island

This is the island as it is now.
Many detail objects were added, these can't be seen because the camera is far away from the island.
A big shipwreck was added where the ship was first supposed to be. A ship can be seen on the bottom of the image, this is the ship in which the first character will be transported to the island.
This is almost the final shape of the island that I want to achieve. I will only change the trees completely and add many detail objects, but the main look I was aiming for has been achieved.

Note: the colors and lighting are different in every image because I like to change it up so that I don't get sick looking at the same stuff for six moths. In the game the ambient will change in every level because the worst thing I can think of happening while somebody is playing is him getting bored of the game. That is the exact opposite of what games should be doing, but most AAA games do it anyway.

The graphics have gotten very complex and detailed by now and my laptop can't run the game at decent speeds anymore (I'm getting 15fps in the map editor, 10fps in-game).
That is the main reason I've started an Indiegogo campaign to try and get some funding to continue game development proper.

Here is a link to the campaign: Indiegogo.com
Contribute if you like what you see and would like to help a broke Croatian indie dev. ;)

I'll be posting some more news about the development of Tainted Fate in the coming weeks.

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