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Invincibility and The Storm level glitches (spoilers) (Games : Syder Arcade : Forum : Syder Arcade support : Invincibility and The Storm level glitches (spoilers)) Locked
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Apr 12 2012 Anchor

I played trought the campain from the beginning with the S-116 Wasp (Windows version).

On the level Starship Down i discovered that you could ram into enemys with your shield from your special to damage them. When i tried to ram into one of the enemies, witch has a shield infront of it and shoots homing missiles, i died while the shield was still up. After respawning and playing for a while i noticed that i couldn't take any damage. I'm not 100% sure that trigged the glitch. I also got sometimes randomly instantly killed by nothing. The glitch carried over to the rest of the missions. [Fixed]

I got to The Storm level with the invincibility glitch still in effect and got to the huge ship at the end of the level. I got to the third "ring" and there was no way through. I think the rings are supposed to move in a circle, witch they weren't. They weren't moving at all. Then i tried to run into the outside part of the ring i got sucked into the ring towards the middle but i could still not pass through. I have no idea what trigged this glitch.

Another glitch i found was that you could use the mouse in the menu but the pointer wasen't visible. [Fixed]

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Apr 12 2012 Anchor

Thanks for the feedback!

We are about to release a patch that should fix the invincibility and mouse bug.
As for the circles not moving ... this is weird ... we will look into it asap.

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Apr 13 2012 Anchor

Nice! Seems that you have fixed the invincibility and mouse glitches. Nice of you to fix these.

I forgot that i found another bug on the level The Storm. The square turrets that emerge from the sea dropped powerup that i couldn't pick up. They seemed to be stuck behind the playfield. The bug happend on the previous version so I'm not sure if you have fixed it.

I also found a new bug on the highscoreboard. I had submitted my score on the pervious version and only the highest score got saved. After the patch it now creates a new score. This score saves only the highest score and leaves the previous score alone.

Edit: The game seems to crash then you die and use your special at the same time (Was using Wasp on the survival level).
Edit2: The game seem that it crashes then you die after surviving a long time in survival mode, not by using special and die at the same time.

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Apr 14 2012 Anchor

Thanks for reporting these problems as well.
I've added them to our todo list.

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