SWAP is a first person puzzle game, where the player must use a mechanic called SWAPPING to progress through each level. SWAPPING allows the player to select a object or colored tile then select another object or colored tile, and then the two objects or tiles will SWAP places. However not all objects are SWAPABLE, and each object has a purpose or a thing it can do. You must construct a way to pass each level by using the unique properties of each object combined with the ability to SWAP them throughout each level.

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I love puzzle games, so I really wanted to like this. But the controls are iffy at best, and the game will reset you all the way back to the beginning of the puzzle if you fall. That makes for a very frustrating experience.

In addition, there's no 'continue' function, so you have to remember where you left off last time.

If you jump and move toward a wall, you'll stick to it, so you'll forever be jumping straight up and then hoping to hit forward at just the right time to make your jump.

I think the game has potential, but it needs a lot of polish to worth playing.

I want to like this game, It being a blender game and all. but player movement is something you have to get right and even after the updates simply moving around is frustrating.

It has a lot of potential, but the actual mechanics need work.


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