Survivors of Ragnarök is a city-building-management-survival game inspired by Dwarf Fortress. Manage, create, and survive through dynamic and deadly worlds. Losing is a fundamental core aspect of design.

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Shows promise, but in current state is very buggy. My little guys stop moving after just a few minutes and will not respond to any commands. I understand this is still early alpha and will happily update my review once it gets going a bit smoother. Still happy I paid for the game, just wanted to offset so many of these idiots posting 10/10 reviews.

I'm the kind of guy who never reads a tutorial and gets every game he plays very quick, but this one is just very confusing. My backpack has a close icon that doesn't work? What the hell?

The whole UI is very clunky and bad. Did not really enjoy my experience, but I also gave up after 3 attempts to play it and lotsa bugs. I would give it a 1, but because I played not long it still gets a 5 (don't wanna drag it down, the rest of the game may be not so bad, and with the rest I mean things I did not get or see).

the tutorial is very bad. The game seems interesting, but i don't understand how to do anything. I guess that every game has a learning curve, but when a game is well done, you understand basic stuff immediately. Furthermore, good game even explain basic stuff. Here, i'm not even sure of what i should do. I don't understand how i lose, there is a flying cow that seems to urinate on the world, it fills up with water and after sometime my guys die of something (they don't drown as they stand up hills. but they still die of something...)

Well, seems promising, but needs a lot of work before beeing playable/fun to play. And i got a crash after a few minutes. I would not buy the game right now.

I find this game to be thoroughly confusing and hard to play, but i keep coming back for more because I can't stay away. It is like a mixture of Minecraft and Terraria but the only catch is, you dont control just one playable character, you control 3. The overall feel of the game is ok, some improvements need to be made to it, such as the animation of water, and the fact that animals will fill the entire screen in a matter of minutes. Cave systems still need to be added along with new biomes and mobs and also a 'fog of war' type effect would be nice. The controls need to have a serious look-over and a lot of glitches need to be worked out.The gameplay itself is ok, although crafting is extremely confusing.
I think, with a little bit more work, this game could be the next big thing, but until then, it isn't a great game, but it is definately worth the money.



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