Survivor Squad is a strategy action game where you control a squad of up to four survivors and guide them through a highly randomized world covering your corners and looking for supplies to aid you on your journey. # Includes Steam Key #

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Good fun if a little bit repetative and buggy.



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This game is buggy and broken in some ways but people who can get through those bugs can expireience a great game.

1.When you have a party and fill up there supplies, you can't even leave which means you have to kill all the zombies which means risking some lives.

2.If you see a bomb you STILL can't leave so no matter what everyone dies.(At least I never found a way)

Well thats all I got (or can remember) but if you look past some bugs and glitches you'll have a GREAT game.

Fairly good game play. the menu isn't the best. If the menu and the HUD was better then this game would be a 9 out of 10!


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