Survivor Squad is a strategy action game where you control a squad of up to four survivors and guide them through a highly randomized world covering your corners and looking for supplies to aid you on your journey. # Includes Steam Key #

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Birne says

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The game seems extremely interesting and is very fun and motivating at first but glitchy game mechanics and game events that aren't even halfway thought through made me throw my keybaord against the wall.

few examples:
-you cant abort a mission even though all squadmates have full backpacks. (which means you can only lose)
-you can't leave a building after finding a bomb in it (WTF? whole squad died!)
-At one point you have to protect one guy while he searches a building for some papers BEFORE mentioning that there is a switch to turn of the alarm. Luckily he got stuck while searching the papers and i had to defend the house for a half hour.

Fix this game.

i try to tell what my experience playing the game is like, and the dev just dismiss it like that, as if nothing is wrong with his game.

i'm not gonna even debate about it with the dev, because its a waste of my time, because i already given a detailed comment.

the game got potential, but if the dev doesn't want to fix and improve it, then asta la vista, because you are not the only indie game dev in this world, that are making a zombie survival games.

luckily i didn't pay for this game full price.


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