Survive! is a multiplayer first-person shooter in the spirit of "Serious Sam", but with creative building using wooden crates. Bloody, but cartoonish. You and the other players are trapped in a remote desert and are being attacked by waves of monsters. You need to pile up crates and react fast to defend yourself. The game can be played with 1 to 8 players, the difficulty will be adapted automatically.

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Great small game to spend a few minutes on, good work.

Great game fun to play with many people made my day 9/10 :D

I've been playing this ever since I attacked the .zip download two hours ago, and it has still yet to lose its arcadey-fungoodness.
A great little game with an excellent art-style and an awesome original concept.
Kudos to the two-man developer gang for making this free game of such high quality.
Maybe in future implement some sort of stat-tracking? :3

Really nice survivol game (I am sick of those zombie shooters), I played it for few minutes, and I really like it, but it need more stuff (guns, different boxes and turrets, and other things, and blah, blah, blah). Overall, great job. I CAN HAZ NO WAIT 4 FULL GAMEZ

This can can become a great game if there is still effort put into it

Love the game! Gould benefit form a few small things, but still VERY fun.



A very fun, entertaining game. A true masterpiece.

Great game for what it is, definitely fun to play with friends!

Awsome game for lan partys and fun to play alone too"! :D

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