For a millennium, three opposing forces of humanity have fought a bitter and bloody war over their conflicting and unwavering beliefs. There is no room for compromise. No room for mercy. No room for anything but the complete eradication of all opposition.

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Love this game

Great Game. Awesome Graphics and epic storyline, one of the best, maybe the best, RTS game in history. Cybran Nation Rules!

An RTS of both great scale and quality. It seems as though it will be a long time before we see the likes of this type of game again.

A true RTS game. The spiritual successor for Total annihilation. from tight zoomed in scrimmages to full out Battles. this game has it all and looks good doing it.

I just love this game. From how the gameplay is quite smooth and gamer-friendly to how the campaign progresses. The game's graphics are quite well made for its release year as well



Good game,supcom FTW!

Perfect game.

best game

Stone cold classic. RTS's don't get any bigger without being set in space...

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