Open source racing game with a track editor. It focuses on closed rally tracks with possible stunt elements (jumps, loops, pipes). You can drive in Single-Player mode racing against the clock or completing championships. There is also an online Multi-Player mode.

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I wish the cars would break doors and stuff that would make it awesome

by:Zachary put that in the next update

Thanks I would give it 10 stars if the cars would break

i like the graphic. but it is not my favorite game. :-)

Stunt Rally reminds me of a old amiga game called Stuntcar racer.. with the added bonus of a track editor.
(no idea how easy or hard it is to make your own tracks as it doesn't interest me personally)
The racing feels a little basic but amount of cars and tracks more than makes up for that.
But the best feature by far is the split screen racing with upto 4 friends at the same time. (be prepared to lower the settings unless you have a supercomputer)


Very good game. I liked vdrift and I like this one even better!

Physics got better with newer versions and can now be perfectly enjoyed both using a keyboard or a racing wheel. Guess some play-testing and tweaking made the day.

Wheel controller and force feedback support are very nice to have, as they make this game for a very interesting ride :)

Игре однозначно не хватает хороше физики для машин. Это чувствуется с первого поворота. В целом интересный проект. Уровни и машины прорисованны хорошо. Но вот физика... Удачи :)

No installation problem on Kubuntu, a lot of maps inside and good gameplay ;)

I would give it higher...but I have not seen a server that is up..only my own.



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