Stone Rage™ is an online third person multiplayer survival pc game set within the Pleistocene era. Players will find friends and create enemies as they struggle for survival through a prehistoric landscape filled with dangerous animals, scarce resources, and a harsh climate. Scavenge for materials to craft strong or cunning weapons, perfect for securing your next meal or to raid your enemies with. Travel north into the mountains to collect rare obsidian and create a spear powerful enough to take down a mighty mammoth. However, be sure to create warm enough clothes and homes to survive the cold winters, else you'll be forced to migrate back south before you freeze. Choose to play as a human, neanderthal, or even one of the many animal classes as you explore the world of Stone Rage to forge your own path to survival.

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For those of you hungry for an update of our progress, the team is still hard at work imagining, creating and implementing core features and mechanics into the beauteously enigmatic, and yet beastly and barbarous lands of Stone Rage! Out of the research, brainstorming, suggestions and discussions, we're now prepared and proud to announce our six new playable, non-anthropomorphic character classes.

Posted by reok on Jul 18th, 2011

Hello fans, friends and followers!
For those of you hungry for an update of our progress, the team is still hard at work imagining, creating and implementing core features and mechanics into the beauteously enigmatic, and yet beastly and barbarous lands of Stone Rage! Out of the research, brainstorming, suggestions and discussions, we're now prepared and proud to announce our six new playable, non-anthropomorphic character classes. Each playable animal class have its own unique support class. For instance the Scout Class consists of Gastornis and a flyable bird. Also, we recently created a facebook fanpage of Stone Rage, so do not forget to like and support us on Facebook please. Link:

Class one: Name: Entelodont (The Stealth Class)
User Posted Image

Pros: Balanced melee/stealth character.
Cons: Easy to kill with ranged weapons or long spears.

In the Eocene era, these 'Hell Pigs' lived by scavenging for whatever food they could find. They rarely hunt for their own prey, but when they do they're usually alone or in groups of two or three. These ancient omnivores have long snouts and strong mouths with sharp teeth. They can both charge a small or medium-sized target head on, or lie in wait within the tall grass for an ambush.

Class two: Name: Woolly Rhinocerous (The Defence Class)
User Posted Image

Pros: Greatest defensive character, perfect for holding areas.
Cons: Cannot sprint or cover distances quickly.

In the cold, glacial lands of Eurasia, this heavy, flat-toothed herbivore lived and protected its territory no matter what. A far-sightedness blindness keeps this beast from being an effective attacker, but in a small area, the Rhino can hold its ground against anywhere between three to four opponents at once. Don't expect the Rhino to charge you, but on the other hand, never expect to charge the Rhino and succeed.
Class three:

Class three: Name: Gastornis (The Scout Class)
User Posted Image

Pros: Quick runners, can slow opponents down with a scream and do bleeding damage.
Cons: Easily killed by every type of weapon, does very little direct damage.

This large scavenger was a runner through and through. Quick on its feet, it can cover large areas and escape from enemies with little incident. Although its beak is sharp and dangerous enough to pierce softer flesh, this giant land-bird's long, long throat is an easy target, and its bones can be easily broken. Long feathers help to make it look bulky, but they hide a weak body and offer very little protection. Its easily broken legs, however, are strong enough to kick down small enemies, and a few medium-sized ones as well. Those with thin skulls can be stunned from its repeated pecking, causing them to bleed and slowly lose their health as The Bird runs to safety.

Class four: Name: Cave Bear (The Warrior Class)
User Posted Image

Pros: Highly dangerous attack damage and speed. Strong defense against short-range melee and projectiles.
Cons: Fast attack speed, but slow movement speed, making it difficult to confront many enemies alone or catch a retreating target.

These cave-dwelling killers lived during the Pleistocene era, and were even thought to have been worshiped by many neanderthal tribes. Worshiped though they may have been, it is know that they were feared – and for good reason. Their bones were similar to a dog's, only with shorter hind legs and semi-opposable thumbs. Their ferocious fang-like teeth and their razor-sharp claws are more than enough to teach foes to stay away from dark caves and rocky unknowns.

Class five: Name: Saber Tooth Tiger (The Hunter Class)
User Posted Image

Pros: High damage and quick speeds.
Cons: Thin hide and cannot kill multiple targets at once.

Be it in the confines of a cavern, the mazes of a shadowy bosk or the tall, open plains of a grassland, the Saber-Toothed Tiger can find and kill almost anything. In battles with meticulous planning, or in the sudden bouts of chaotic bloodshed prone to the times, this Hunter can outrun most any prey, beat them down with sheer strength or, more often than not, conquer by sheer numbers. Either way, fighting in packs or fighting alone, Saber-Toothed Tigers are either quickly dispatched, or they will enjoy the meal that you've unwillingly provided with your mangled corpse.

Class six: Name: Mammoth (The Heavy Class)
User Posted Image

Pros: Most powerful attacks. Most health.
Cons: Slowest attacks. Easily killed by focused groups of quick enemies.

Of all the brutes that have wondered the world, The Mammoth is one the most powerful. Their monstrous strength has no rival, but their lumbering bodies make them slow and easy to avoid. Few can stand against them for long in head-to-head combat, but when attacked in groups or by an agile opponent with enough cunning and guile, even the mightiest of these beasts can fall.

Duduk Song - Mod DB - by Adrian Holmes

-- All Animal Concepts done by Concept Artist Markus Lovadina (
-- Writing done by Writer Justin Wilson.

We're also recruiting new developers:

- Exp. UDK Scripter (network&server, general scripting, importing assets into udk)
- Character/Animal Rigging Artist (Autodesk Maya)
- Character/Animal Animator (Autodesk Maya)

Any suggestions, ideas or additions to this little text-update on the animal classes is both welcomed and encouraged.

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zobo Jul 19 2011 says:


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IVUIUVI Jul 19 2011 says:

I think that the saber tooth should be the stealth class

+4 votes     reply to comment
Spiteful_Crow Jul 19 2011 says:

I get to peck people and make them bleed to death? AWESOME!

+4 votes     reply to comment
mnartiss Jul 19 2011 says:


+2 votes     reply to comment
TheUnabridgedGamer Jul 19 2011 says:

I like the idea of the game but...

Don't these animal classes seem a great deal like prehistoric counterparts to the TF2 classes?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Bon. Jul 19 2011 says:

That Cave Bear looks like a complete bad-***, nice one.

+3 votes     reply to comment
George199521 Jul 19 2011 says:

WOW!!!i knew the game would be awesome but i never thought that much!only 1 word can describe it:EPIC!!!i do have some will this be?human players with human classes will hunt human players with animals and the opposite?or the human classes will be in a different server with bots as animals(and the opposite)?anyway,great work guys!you made me checking this website everyday :P

+3 votes     reply to comment
reok Author
reok Jul 19 2011 replied:

We'll be revealing the official game modes list very soon, mate! What I can tell you now is that you won't be disappointed. Thanks a lot for your comment. We really appreciate that, George199521 :)

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magiguy101 Jul 19 2011 says:

In three parts:

I can see the most popular animal being saber tooth by far... Maybe add something more to the rhinoceros and gastornis animals. I don't really see that a scout class being that useful unless you're really big on team tactics... If you made the moving speeds at all realistic (or at least as realistic as you get with prehistoric animals :P) then the saber tooth will be the second fastest animal, and also pretty stealthy considering it's size. Either nerf the tigers or buff the others.

For example: Abilities for the classes.

Stealth class: Crouch/prowl. Animal gets half movement speed but hit boxes and visible size are halved height wise. (Possibly make the animal slightly transparent) Can only be in prowl mode for 15 seconds at a time. 20 second recharge between uses. (Maybe a 'refuelling' type bar that decreases as you use the ability, but starts to increase after you haven't used the ability for 10 seconds. (10 seconds to fill completely from empty.)

Defence class: Charge. Animal charges in a relatively straight line (some control but turns slowly) dealing heavy damage to all players, friendly and not so friendly. Sound of heavy footsteps is heard from quite a long way away. Charges for 10 seconds maximum, charge can be cancelled at any point although there is a short time between cancelling a charge and the momentum of the animal decreasing. Recharge time 40 seconds.

Scout class: High Jump. Fairly obvious. Extra high jump (double height?) so can clear large gaps on some maps. See/jump over tall obstacles, and makes you harder to hit. Either passive ability or can be used every 2-3 seconds. (As you already have the scream ability)

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magiguy101 Jul 19 2011 replied:

Scout class: Spotting. Reveals all nearby enemies to the player and displays them on the minimap (if there is one) for a while (maybe 20 seconds) Also spots enemies who are crouched or in stealth mode. Increased are of effect if the player uses the ability while in mid-air.
If there is a first-person 'zoom' type feature, then it would be quite cool to show the enemies only in the field of your vision but at a much longer range. (Revealed enemies should have a red arrow pointing to their position)

Warrior class: War cry: All nearby friendly warrior class animals (and warrior humans if there is a class like that) gain a 10% attack boost. Does not affect the player who used it. (Possibly affects heavy class animals also)

Hunter class: Crouch/Pounce. Think of the hunter from Left 4 dead 2 if you ever played it. Press the button once to lower into a crouch, which reduces your movement speed to maybe 40%, but with no transparency or stealth aspects, as that just overpowers it. Crouch lasts for as long as you want it to. Next press of the button pounces on the opponent and causes heavy damage. (I'm thinking 2.5x one attack's damage if you hit their front or sides, and 4x damage if you hit their back).
Sixth sense: (call it whatever you want) Nearby human players have a cloud of coloured smoke (team colours, or green/red for friend/enemy) The smoke should not go too high or be too thick and is only visible to the player. Probably about twice the height of the humans. If passive then a very small range, if ability then increased range but decreased movement speed while it's active. I would say... lasts 20 seconds, and recharges in 40 seconds.

Heavy Class: Charge. Same thing as defence classes charge except with increased damage resistance, and maybe does less damage on impact with players, and more damage to structures (if you have destructible buildings) If possible knocks down trees.

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magiguy101 Jul 19 2011 replied:

And finally a less serious, but still feasible idea: Water jet: Yes I know this is somewhat silly, but come on; it's a mammoth :) Can only be used in water. Sucks up water (purely animation, doesn't actually change the water level :P) and then shoots it for about 2 seconds at wherever you point the cursor. Gives the animals a ranged attack. Stuns whoever is hit, and temporarily slows them to about 80% movement speed. Does not affect other mammoths.

If you read all of this then thank you for your time. I hope this feedback helps you create an amazing game, and that's it. :) I'm done.

For now... ;)

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FaintHært Jul 19 2011 replied:

Hello Magiguy, I'm the writer for the Stone Rage project, and frankly, quite a few of us on the team like a whole bunch of your suggestions. Though we've already planned for the charge ability, we hadn't considered High jumps or that water spray idea. We're now giving them some consideration. As for stealth, we DO want to have some sneaking going on, but we haven't made a decision on the mechanics, yet. Transparency/invisibility can either make or break the fun(A lot of MMO's prove that) so we're hoping to have a more realistic sneaking system. It's on the table, though.
We'll post confirmed abilities when we're absolutely sure that they make sense, maintain balance, and ensure as much fun as possible.

Thanks for the feedback, Magi, and as always, suggestions are welcome.

+3 votes     reply to comment
magiguy101 Jul 20 2011 replied:

That's cool thanks for the reply :) I'm pretty much out of ideas for now but I'll try and come up with new ones when more features are revealed. I also realised that invisibility could break the game, and that's why I only suggested slight transparency, much like poor active camo from halo 3 :) and the
Fact it can only be used for 15 seconds at a time helps to stop people ruining the experience...

Good luck :)

+3 votes     reply to comment
magiguy101 Jul 20 2011 replied:

btw fainthaert you're not on the mountainwheelgames group...

+2 votes     reply to comment
reok Author
reok Jul 20 2011 replied:

He's our writer. Believe me ;)

+2 votes   reply to comment
magiguy101 Jul 20 2011 replied:

Oh no I meant he should get in the group to make it official :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
BRKNnode Jul 20 2011 says:


+4 votes     reply to comment
reok Author
reok Jul 20 2011 replied:

Don't forget that each animal class got its own unique support class to choose from. Thanks for your support, Re-Volve :)

+2 votes   reply to comment
magiguy101 Jul 22 2011 replied:

What do you mean? So the Gastornis has a support class? and the bear has a support class?

+1 vote     reply to comment
linfosoma Jul 20 2011 says:

That is awesome, I love the animal classes (the Gastornis seems like a lot of fun!). Kep up the good work!

+2 votes     reply to comment
mnartiss Jul 22 2011 says:

cannot wait for the animal support classes!! very cool project

+1 vote     reply to comment
beyondsight Jul 22 2011 says:

I just discovered this game and I'm definitely excited about it, though I admit I'm a little iffy about the cave people having classes - I mean, I understand the hunters and such, but I also think it'd be neat if there was a feature where someone playing as a neanderthal could choose which weapon to focus on, maybe more than one (like a warrior who uses arrows and tooth-notched scythes).

That said, the boar as the stealth class struck me as a bit strange, but I understand the balance of it. Playing as a sabertooth and Gastornis sounds really fun, and I'm wondering if there'll be a limb targeting system. Like a sabertooth could aim to mangle a hunter's spearing hand or a Gastornis could kick dust/snow in someone's face. That'd require precision, of course, so there'd likely be less options for the mammoth and bear since they're so big...

Anyway, I've started tracking this game, and I'm quite liking the music - very atmospheric! Looking forward to learning about the animal support classes!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Tomwill Jul 23 2011 says:

I think some sort of ape should be the stealth class seeing as there quite agile.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jun 15 2013 says:

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