StarLife is a Turn Based 4X Space Strategy Game. Our aim is to surpass the unbeaten classic, Master of Orion, and to create a new standard of the genre. We are overhauling many of the stagnant or underdeveloped game areas. Technology system is more developed, with four ways to gain knowledge and improve it (research, civil research, prototyping, diplomacy, espionage). Diplomacy is completely remade, based on intentions: your every action has an agenda, which other empires might get knowledge of and react accordingly. We are also adding elements of grand strategy games, in order to cut down on micromanagement while preserving player choice and complexity. For example, you do not control single ships, but can order a fleet to patrol a certain region of your empire or attack a designated point. Other features of StarLife include quick but deep combat system, unique races to play, and beautiful pixel art graphics.

We've been playing with fonts lately, which one do you prefer?

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We've been playing with fonts lately, which one do you prefer?

Here's the old one:

and the new ones:

comment and share your thoughts!


This one feels easier to read:

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Here's how I'd grade them:
Best for aesthetics: 2
Better compromise: 4
Best legibility - what I'd read the first time around: 1st pic right side.

Don't use angular gradients if you need to have the text pop, use one that is straight down, up or use an outline. Keep line heights uniform.

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I'd definitely go with the last one, looks easier to read and it goes well with the general aesthetics of the menu itself.

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Your game looks very promising BUT then I saw the awful HEX_GRID on the video.

Ships should move exactly like in MOO, turn toward target then shoot. Target could shake from hit and weapons fire should explode on its shields/hull.

See, why MOO was the greatest, all combat specific action was ANIMATED.

UNtil you get rid of the HEX-grid and do a MOO-like combat, its a NO BUY from me, sorry.

I think a lot of MOO fans want exactly that combat, after you have done that, you can make adjustments, develop it further, adding more animations.

But i can see its not your main focus, probably there are no developers in your team for a great combat model.

So best of luck selling the game.

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Hoverdog Author

@baszermaszer (for some reason I can't 'reply') - while the combat is still very simplistic in StarLife and we'll be working hard improving it, I don't understand why do you hate hexes so much?
IMO they are better than square grid (which was in MoO), mainly because the center of each hex is at the same distance to the center of another, unlike squares, where diagonal movement is hard to balance properly.
Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean exactly?

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