StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is an expansion pack to science fiction real-time strategy game StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and part two of the planned StarCraft II trilogy. Part three is titled Legacy of the Void. The expansion includes additional units and multiplayer changes from Wings of Liberty, as well as a continuing campaign focusing on the Zerg race. It spans 20 missions (plus several zerg unit evolution missions) and is priced as an expansion set.

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Good campaign much better than WOL!!

I cannot ask nothing more.

Story is interesting, but tragical, and very few humor; player can't use all of race's units, most of WoL fails are kept. Advisor makes anger.

Bringing the Awesomeness to a higher level. Nice job Blizzard


Finally free Arcade!

This game's GREAT

Heart Of The Swarm makes Wings look like nothing compared too the lore and storyline what the it has too offer and im thinking that it worths playing and buying and the singleplayer experience is way better than Wings Of Libery

Units are way too overpowered.. That's the only bad part.

this game is fun


maldicion says

May contain spoilers 1 agree 1 disagree


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