Set a few years before the events of Episode IV A New Hope, Empire at War lets players rewrite history as well as experience the aftermath of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, the creation of the Rebel Alliance, and Darth Vader's rise to power.

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10 Mike_PL

Feb 12th, 2011 0 people agree 0 people don't

Cool game

Awesanity says
10 Awesanity

Jun 5th, 2010 0 people agree 0 people don't

This was my first online game! So I got a soft spot for it, and with all the mdos people make for it, I'll probably keep playing for a while. Love this game, it's been fun for hours and hours!

insecateur says
10 insecateur

Jan 15th, 2014

No review provided

mikkelthillemann says
10 mikkelthillemann

Jan 10th, 2014

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Maestro_Luca says
10 Maestro_Luca

Dec 18th, 2013

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DeutscherKEKS says
10 DeutscherKEKS

Dec 2nd, 2013

No review provided

kingdude89 says
9 kingdude89

Oct 30th, 2013

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soulreaper839 says
10 soulreaper839

Oct 30th, 2013

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Owhalen says
10 Owhalen

Sep 27th, 2013

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RayCarter says
10 RayCarter

Sep 20th, 2013

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