Face off against both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. As Tyber Zann, you'll stop at nothing as you seek to become the most notorious criminal leader since Jabba the Hutt. With all new tactics like piracy, kidnapping, racketeering and bribery, you can control the shadowy forces of corruption in your attempt to rule the Star Wars underworld.

The Rebels have just destroyed the death star, and the galaxy is in turmoil. In other words, it's just the time that you, and your Zann Consortium, have been waiting for. Quench your thirst for power as you build and lead your own forces of scum and villainy. Spread corruption throughout the galaxy using new strategic gameplay elements to influence other factions, steal their funds, slow their production, spy on them, and more.

Exciting new land-tactical options like advanced base layout and guerrilla warfare allow for innovative battlefield tactics. Take command of and confront new fighting units for all factions (Rebel B-wings, Imperial TIE Interceptors, Super Star Destroyers and more). Take down anyone who stands in your way of ruling the underworld, be the new battlefield heroes like Luke Skywalker and Yoda, or even your worst bitter rival - Jabba the Hutt.

The ultimate prize awaits: an immense Super Star Destroyer known as The Eclipse. Spanning the length of nearly all of the Star Destroyers seen in the original Empire At War, the deadliest capital ship in the galaxy comes equipped with a superlaser rivaling that of the death star. With it under your control, no one will remember the name Jabba the Hutt - Tyber Zann will be the most feared crime lord the underworld has ever seen...

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Assuming this gets out in time and syncs with the launch of Indev 0.1, which is what I had prior to making this mod page, I will be detailing that content of the current version, my plans going forward, and just a general question to anyone here.

So anyways, you might be booting up Indev 0.1 and notice a significant lack of new content and changes. That is fine, I didn't do a whole lot to the base game, and I haven't done a whole lot of testing outside of skirmish. Onto the content list.

1. New splash screen. If you saw the new splash screen, congratulations you have sucessfully installed and ran TCW:RE Indev 0.1. If you haven't it looks like:

Splash Screen Indev 0.1

Pretty cool considering my Photoshop skills.

Actual Game Changing Content

So I'm lacking a lot here, I didn't add a whole lot, and this was tested in skirmish only, sorry if GC doesn't work.

1. RAW Team's Venator Class Star Destroyer

Venator Showcase

Yes it might seem a bit wonky and messed up, but believe me it was much worse. Currently the only thing I noticed that works is the front proton torpedo launcher and the SPHAT cannon. It has no text, icon, or icons for it's abilities.


  1. RAW Team (I was told anyone can use their stuff) for models, texture and XML code
  2. Lucasfilm for creating the Venator Class Star Destoryer

2. Republic Interdictor

Interdictor Showcase

Thankfully this one is fully operational and working. No errors from what I can see, it's missile jammer, and interdiction field ability are both fully operational.


  1. EvilleJedi and Arvis Taljik for the model and texture
  2. Warb Null for the XML code and icon
  3. Wariscool for the hardpoint precode

3. Republic Medical Station


Sorry for bad resolution, not much I could do. Anyways, this is in a much better condition then my true original mod (Bugs galore!). Everything upgrades fine, had an icon, shows on the map, correct model usage... no burning hardpoints...


  1. Warb Null for pretty much everything
  2. Lucasfilm for creating the Medical Station

4. I tried to add Warb Null's proto Y-wing from TCW. But it failed sadly, sorry everyone.

The Future of This Mod

So unlike other mods who just shove in units, I want the public's opinion. I have amassed a bunch of units from various sources like ModDB, Everything EaW , and more. I'll list units I have and want you to choose what to have me put in the mod.

CIS Space

  • Lucrehulk Battleship
  • Munificent Frigate
  • Prvidence Destroyer
  • CIS Support ship (Balloon ship in Umbara arc) by Warb Null
  • Warb Null Sheathipede

CIS Land

  • Keeper of Faith Battle Droids
  • Keeper of Faith Enforcer Droid (Tank Tread Droid)
  • Keeper of Faith AAT

Republic Space

  • Warb Null Arquitens Light Cruiser
  • Keeper of Faith Republic Dreadnought
  • Warb Null Pelta Frigate
  • Warb Nulls Various Corvette pack
  • Retry to add the proto Y-wing
  • Stealthship
  • ETA class, dubbed "MU by Warb Null" shuttle
  • NU Attack Shuttle

Republic Land

  • Ahsoka
  • Various Phase 1 Clones by Jedi_Clone_X2
  • Laat
  • Stun Tank
  • Various Different Clone Troopers


  • Warb Nulls Imperial and Republic Lance Walkers (Thought as pirate/buy able from special structures kind of units)
  • Warb Nulls Avalanche Tank (See above)
  • E-Web Troopers (Has Stormtroopers, don't know how to make them clones or droids)
  • Hammerhead Corvette by Warb Null (See Lance walker)

These are a summary of the amount of units and other models I have, I have a ton more from other places.

Alliance 7.0b

Alliance 7.0b

News 5 comments

A new versiĆ³n from my Alliance mod has been released at my site firefoxccmods.com You will find it as a patch for the 6.5b and up versions or as a full...

Status Update

Status Update

Star Wars BattleFront Commander 25 comments

This is a update on what's going on with the next patch 1.04 and content pack 1.0.

Elite's Conflict Mod: Update Four - 04/11/2016

Elite's Conflict Mod: Update Four - 04/11/2016

Elite's Conflict Mod 2 comments

Elite's Conflict Mod v1.0 is not dead! Progress on the mod has been slow for the past few months due to real life complications, but we will strive on...

An idea for a mod, looking for a modding team.

An idea for a mod, looking for a modding team.

News 2 comments

I have an idea for a mod for Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption but have no time to do it and so like I said, its an idea for, perhaps others...

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Alliance at War (May 2016 update)

Alliance at War (May 2016 update)

Alliance at War Full Version 2 comments

The May the 4th 2016 Star Wars: FoC: Alliance at War update. Enjoy. (^:



The SSD Mod Redux Full Version 0 comments

Well here it is the big one hope you guys enjoy it. Also an add on pack is in the works.

Star Wars the Clone Wars:Re    Indev Version 0.1

Star Wars the Clone Wars:Re Indev Version 0.1

Star Wars the Clone Wars:Re Demo 4 comments

This is all my progress so far. Credits in description.

War of the Colonies V1

War of the Colonies V1

Battlestar Galactica: War of the Colonies Full Version 2 comments

Full release of the mod with all features. If you find any bugs let me know.

Star Wars: Empire at War Mini Mod 1.73

Star Wars: Empire at War Mini Mod 1.73

Empire At War - Forces of Corruption: Mini Mod Full Version 8 comments

This is version 1.73 release for EAW only. (FOC version 1.7 coming soon.) It goes into your EAW/Gamedata/ folder. This release includes some major bugfixes...

Empire At War: Re Beta II

Empire At War: Re Beta II

Empire At War: Re Demo 107 comments

There'll be stuff wrong and missing, comment on them. It's a prerelease. An advanced beta. A somewhat tweaked version. Very polished technical alpha...

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I would really,like if there a could be a mod based on events of Force Awakens because i think could be cool if instead of Deathstar there could be a Starkiller base. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Burntstrobe Online

I can't install editors SwEAWFOC mod, creating a mod failed to me but I want create a mod. Can you help create a mod and install editors with instructions? I haven't much time so try creating a mod. Coding xml is error and i can't. For me is very hard.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Has anyone else had any trouble with the mod list? It doesnt show the mods for me anymore and it says that "Iphone" mods was searched yet i never did that and when i press mod list below the search (which says should be the mod list without any extra search criteria) nothing changes.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Can someone help???

I'm modding a mod for my own personal taste, and wondering how I drag the icons from one mod to another?

I have managed to get the characters ingame but not their icons yet...any advice would be helpful

Thank you in advance


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

You'll probably have to extract them from the MTCommandBar.MTD file using one of the mod tools on Petrolution. Either that or they are .tga files.

You can find them in the art\textures folder. The game should see them if you leave them in tga form, or you can add them to a custom MTCommandBar.MTD file using those same mod tools.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

is there a way to change the xml code so the wreckage of destroyed ships stay longer? its cooller for the chaos and stuff. is it something that has got to do with the death clone animation? can you make it slower? hopefully somebody knows the answer.

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Burntstrobe Online

We are doing this and a lot more...

Follow our progress at Yuuzhan Vong at War Mod for SW Forces of Corruption

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Hey can anyone please link me to some Modding Tutorials for this Game?

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a very Epic game its very good and fun to play

Nov 7 2010 by scorcher499

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