Star Wars Battlefront gives you the chance to play as a soldier in intense multiplayer battles with up to 32 people. Choose your allegiance and pick a soldier from one of four different armies. Fight on ten legendary planets and use a variety of weapons and vehicles, including X-wings, snowspeeders and AT-ST's. Keep your wits about you and victory may be within your reach. Experience the chaos of battle as you fight the greatest wars in the Star Wars universe. In addition to the single-player and various multiplayer modes offered in Star Wars Battlefront, a unique "Conquest" mode adds an innovative and strategic gameplay element to the action. After each battle is completed and the planet is conquered, the winning team will be rewarded with a special "bonus" ability that can be deployed in future battles in an attempt to take over the Star Wars galaxy planet-by-planet.

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Star Wars Battlefront Weapons Reloaded Mod
Star Wars: Battlefront

1. Star Wars Battlefront Weapons Reloaded Mod

4 years ago TBD Single Player First Person Shooter

Imagine if In the star wars galaxy,the armies have researched greatly to improve their technology and now their troops are armed with new weapons to defeat...

Elite Sides Mod
Star Wars: Battlefront

2. Elite Sides Mod

4 years ago Released Apr 10, 2010 Single Player First Person Shooter

This mod adds new skins, new weapons and make vehicles stronger hope you enjoy the mod.

Saga Battles
Star Wars: Battlefront

3. Saga Battles

7 years ago Released Jan 1, 2007 Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

This is a mod for Star Wars: Battlefront that adds maps of battles that occurred in the movies, and makes them as close to the movies as possible. I had...

SWBF Unleashed
Star Wars: Battlefront

4. SWBF Unleashed

2 years ago TBD Single & Multiplayer Third Person Shooter

SWBF Unleashed is a mod with a super-crony name that has nothing to do with The Force Unleashed. Rather this mod is all about doing as I please. Key features...

ARC Squadron
Star Wars: Battlefront

5. ARC Squadron

2 months ago Released May 1, 2014 Single & Multiplayer First Person Shooter

This is, simply put, an aesthetic mod. It changes the look of all the the clones (except the Jet Trooper) to that of the ARC trooper. Their colors have...

Battlefront One and a Half (1.5) era mod (v 1.1)
Star Wars: Battlefront

6. Battlefront One and a Half (1.5) era mod (v 1.1)

2 years ago Released Jun 26, 2011 Single & Multiplayer Third Person Shooter

Battlefront 1.5 is the first attempt at an actual era mod for SWBF1. It introduces worlds ported from SWBF2, community made worlds, and new modes, using...

Star Wars: Battlefront
Pandemic Studios
Zero Engine
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