Capturing the drama and epic conflict of Star Wards, Battlefront II brings the fight online. Attention to detail and scale make this game a joy to behold, with 16 incredible new battlefronts such as Utapau, Mustafar and the space above Coruscant, as well as the Death Star interior and Tantive IV, Princess Leia's blockade runner seen at the beginning of the original Star Wars.

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Star Wars Battlefront III Sw Battlefront 3
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About The Last Breach - A World War II Mod with 4 comments by Scott_W.Pilgrim_ on Aug 14th, 2014

Hello all!

The Aerial Reconnaissance update has finally arrived, after 3 weeks of waiting, planning, coding and modelling. It was well worth it. Gaze at the pictures and click the link to watch the video below as I explain away all sorts of stuff.


  • Aerial Reconnaissance
  • Updated terrain textures
  • Flinch system! (Character flinches when a bullet hits near your position)
  • MG42 sound update
  • I explain the future additions to the mod, like side missions (ooooh :o)
  • Updated morning sky texture (Thanks AQT!)

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City Watch 3.6
Star Wars: Battlefront II

City Watch 3.6

Aug 5, 2014 City Watch Full Version 1 comment

Hopefully fixed the MP crash, should be good now.

City Watch 3.5
Star Wars: Battlefront II

City Watch 3.5

Jul 22, 2014 City Watch Full Version 2 comments

Lots of new stuff! New units, ping weapon works, new effects, and more! View the full changelog below.

City Watch 3.0
Star Wars: Battlefront II

City Watch 3.0

Jul 8, 2014 City Watch Full Version 0 comments

Version 3.0 is finally out! Includes new weapons, more fixes, and a new map to play on. You can now play on Naboo!

City Watch 2.5
Star Wars: Battlefront II

City Watch 2.5

Jun 22, 2014 City Watch Full Version 0 comments

Tons of awesome stuff! No new maps yet. There is a new weapon though! Bugs were fixed. Singleplayer playable as well!

City Watch 2.1 (Readme updated)
Star Wars: Battlefront II

City Watch 2.1 (Readme updated)

Jun 21, 2014 City Watch Full Version 0 comments

Version 2.1 of City Watch. View the readme included for notes on how to install.

Earth: Luna R2
Star Wars: Battlefront II

Earth: Luna R2

May 21, 2014 Mass Effect: Unification Full Version 0 comments

This is Earth: Luna, the pilot map to the Sol Map Pack. Luna is set upon the landing site for the Apollo 17 lunar lander mission.

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PatrickSkywalker Jun 29 2007, 5:05pm says:

dont miss understand me iam a very great star wars fan but this is game sucks !!
it is very vad desined .. the creators off this game havent spares pain for it , you can see it if you are going to watch the maps ... they are very undetailed ... i`ve seen some mod maps which are bettre than the real game maps... battlefornt 1 was much better .. okay the graphics was worse than version 2 but just becose it is older... and part 1 is more tactican , in battlefront 2 you just run around with any cover and kill every enemy you see .. and its very easy .. iam very disapointed about battlefront 2 :( and teh ebst thing ever is that battlefront 3 comes out yust for psp ... i mean who plays psp ?! lucasarts suck...

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Morsey Jan 28 2010, 6:55pm replied:

I agree with PatrickSkywalker

+1 vote     reply to comment
bobwashere Jun 30 2007, 6:42pm says:

U read it wrong, dude. Its not a PSP exclusive. BF3 is rumored to be an Xbox 360 exclusive, but knowing the other 2 games, that's complete bull. Expect 360, PC, and PS3 versions. I said that a seperate game: Battlefront Renegade squadron is coming out for PSP, not Battlefront 3. :) The wait also seems good to me. The second game was rushed to be out the winter after starwars 3. It has a lot of sw3 junk in it. They should have waited. Well, expect a true sequel to the first game. :D Let lucasarts take their time, you cant rush a masterpiece.

PS, Renegade Squadron is good news too. I think it means lucasarts is just giving us a low budget game for a small system to keep us from being impatient for Battlefront 3. :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
bobwashere Jun 23 2007, 1:10pm says:

Information is scarce, but it looks like swbf3 has been anounced.:D The developer has been switched from Pandemic to british developer Free Radical. Don't worry, these are the guys behind the original N64 Goldeneye and Timesplitters. In the meantime, Battlefront: Renegade Squadron is coming out for the PSP in the fall. :) Apparently, it doesent have the standard Battlefront classes and instead uses custom characters. It's set in the time of the original trilogy and has something to do with Han Solo. :)

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Shaduf Jan 13 2007, 5:04pm says:

I think they should have a next gen star wars battlefront. Maybe put everything from the movies to the game. Every moment of it. Maybe put some ragdoll physic in the game. Unlimited time to be a jedi or a sith. But that is only in my dreams.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Chuto Oct 14 2006, 5:05pm says:

Well i would give the game 5/10 points because:
The Good Part:
The game has alot more classes to select, more maps and vehicles based on Star Wars Episode III ROTS, i has better P models (the models you see in the player model's hands, its the same V model), Space battles are OK and some more little effects...
The Bad Part:
They just reuse too much things, animations and models, Boba's blaster is not what it should be, its just the E11, same happends with all the imperial weapons... They removed the orders you could gave your allies...
They also removed some Good old maps, just to give a more SW3 feel, the game is just too much SW3, the Clones have those Blue paints in the suit when actually only the Legion f the 501 had...

+1 vote     reply to comment
General_heidern Aug 2 2006, 3:29pm says:

oh also, the Fighters have no cockpit HUD, and the capital ships in space look like toys, the corellian corvette looks like a preschool baby toy that is designed to be too big for the child to fit in his mouth being all chubby and plastic looking, the Victory Frigates look ugly as sin (the only thing that makes them even remotely resemble a Victory is that they are triangular shaped and have wings on them, but they look horrible and the wings just make them bigger targets.) and are tiny by comparison, having the hangar on the side of the star destroyer was stupid with no logical reason I don't care what their excuse is it's just lazy and pathetic, games like X-Wing Alliance have better models of Capital ships than this game, if for no other reason than they actually do the hangars right... not only that but the space maps in X-wing Alliance are bigger, there are more fighters (both on screen and in the selection) there are more capital ships (including the Super Star Destroyer) that actually MOVE AROUND, I remember Battlefield 1942 had battleships, destroyers and Carriers that you could take the helm of and move around the map, I was expecting the same in Battlefront 2, but once again they failed to deliver

if you want proper scale with BEAUTIFULL models, try Deep Space in Star Wars Galaxies, even though you can't board any of the ships, you will not find more acurate or beautifully detailed 3D star wars ships anyhere else.

I blame the rush that this game was made in, pressured to be released in time for the DVD of Revenge of the Sith, hopefully they will make a Battlefront 3 to make up for this one, with a far more flexible deadline so they don't have to cut corners or leave things unfinished/unpolished.

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General_heidern Aug 2 2006, 3:15pm says:

unfortunetly for every step forward in Battlefront 2, there is a step back from battlefront 1, the first level in the campaign gives an experience that almost makes you want to uninstall it and return it to the store... with the glory of the Geonosis map in the first Battlefront game no more than a memory, the Geonosis map in Battlefront 2 is a sick joke, one look at the sky and/or minimap will testify to that, scaled down, horribly skinned skybox and an even more claustrophobic environment than the first game, more than half the maps from Battlefront 1 are absent in Battlefront 2, such as Tatooine Dune Sea/homesteads, Naboo Fields, Yavin Arena, both Bespin Maps (platforms and Cloud City) are gone, as are the Rhen Var maps, both Kashyyyk maps are gone, replaced with a pseudo acurate film one (even though the Battlefront 1 Kashyyyk beach was almost more acurate than the Battlefront 2 one with the acception of the vehicles and some other details, the overall layout was more accurate.) the space battles come at the price of NO ATMOSPHERIC FLIGHT in ANY ground map except Hoth, so no Gunships on the ground and no Fighters either, the controlls/handling for the Snowspeeders are about the same as for the X-Wings, complete with the unfortunete ability to turn upside down, which makes using a TOE cable much more difficult (in battlefront 1 you simply had to turn as hard as you could and fiddle with the throttle/pitch to go around an AT-AT but if you try that you will simply spin and likely crash.)

the only graphics upgrades were the Droideka's shield buble ripples when shot, and some blurs that make the graphics seem a bit better when they are really not, the models are the same as before and the patheticly obvious lack of animation variety really ruin the game at times (they have pretty much 1 animation for human soldiers and 1 for soldiers with missile launchers, and just re-used them over and over again, so the idling animation for a rebel trooper where he slaps the clip in to his gun (the clip located on the bottom of the gun) is used for EVERY soldier not carying a big tube on his/it's shoulder or on it's wrist thus the stormtrooper slaps the bottom of the barrel of his carbine for no reason, (the clip being on the side) and an officer (who's armed with a pistol) slaps nothing but air in front of his gun. there are only 4 infantry animation groups, the one used in Rebel soldiers, Plex soldiers, Droideka, and Super Battle Droids, the hero animations have more variety, but not a massive ammount of it.) the guy with the gattling gun holds it over one shoulder because they cheaped out and used an ARC trooper with a different texture skin, and no one in their right mind would ever hold a gattling gun like that, it's hard enough to hold it in the traditional way with both hands and in your center of gravity. NO new animations were added to the infantry save maybe one, the only really noticable new animations were given to Jedi and the new vehicles.

some of the controlls are better, the AT-AT walks faster, only requires 1 pilot and has more flexibility in the neck, vehicles can "run" by using a boosting mechanism, but you cannot lie prone nor can you give commands to NPC soldiers, in Battlefront 1 you could tell NPC to get in a vehicle, leave a vehicle, defend a position, follow you, disperse (stop following) and such, in Battlefront 2, you can't give ANY orders whatsoever, while Republic Commando may have the best AI in first person shooters, Battlefront 2 may very well have the worst at the very least in recent history, there are many soldiers standing around doing nothing even while blaster bolts are whizzing by their heads, a stormtrooper get's shot in the back by a shotgun and turns around, stares at the guy who shot him and then gets another load to the face and dies.

overall it's a sad, pathetic, sick and cruel joke of a Sequel, but a half decent game on it's own. it's more of an alternate Battlefront than a sequel, I woulden't even call it worth an expansion, though It would have been better if they had made it as one, at least then the,

it's truly a game that relies on it's predicessor and it's franchise to sell itself despite the vast number of flaws. just like Star Wars Galaxies, if Battlefront 2 wasnt star wars, virtually no one would have heard of it, much less still play it.

-1 votes     reply to comment
pocket_monster Jul 24 2006, 11:49am says:

This game is excellent, especially when the gameplay is enhanced by the mods... But even when the game's stripped of it's mods - IT'S STILL F****NG AMAZING! Graphics are... Alright. Graphics are good, but the textureing or realism is of a lack - the controls are easy And the new characters - PLENDED! The jedi are the best thing - Some people say 'Well it's just the same as the first one' BUT IT'S NOT; I enjoyed just flying around on the first one - BUT NEVER DID I EXSPECT IT TO BE IN SPACE SECOND TIME 'ROUND; playing as jedi, too - that's one of the best things New planets too... New weapons... It's just better in every way really. HOWEVER! This game's AI really does poo on my fly (it's bad). Well... Ok it's better than the original battlefront, (can fly in space quite good) but they're not very good a it when it's near land - heck some don't even manage to get out of the hanger! But us lucky people with PCs are able to sort that out with mods, mods, mods... Sounds are great They're excellent, and the maps based on Episode three are spot-on! I particularly like Mustafar - the magma, architecture of the buildings there - the sheer feel of the place seems to make it real - make it Episode III! Yup, hand enough typing now - and i still think that THIS GAME IS SO, SO, SO EXCELLENT!

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Chaosky Apr 19 2006, 1:11am says:

I know alot of people who wish they could pilot the Salve I ::Hint Hint::

+1 vote     reply to comment
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