Excalibur breaks the mould of traditional space simulation games by putting the player firmly in the boots of an experienced Starfleet captain. From the outset you will be able to control your character and command your ship as if you were standing on the bridge yourself. From taking direct control of the helm, to transferring command of any ship in your task force, or even calling your senior staff to the briefing room to discuss mission tactics; Excalibur is the most immersive Star Trek experience ever. Set six months after the events in Star Trek: Nemesis, Excalibur's story mode deals with the turbulent political scene caused by a decade of war and turmoil. From the second Borg incursion in First Contact, to the fall of the Dominion and the collapse of the Romulan political system; these events resulted in huge loss of life and changed the Alpha Quadrant forever.

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8 comments by nejck on Jul 9th, 2015

Ships Of Excalibur: Drydocks!

We have seen many instances of drydocks in the Star Trek universe and rest assured they are making a notable apperance in Star Trek Excalibur. Their strategic value is immense as they are the key to keeping your ship in top notch form.

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Model Viewer v1.7

Model Viewer v1.7

Apr 24, 2011 Demo 20 comments

The NanoFX Model Viewer is a utility that allows you to view models with the same graphical effects that will appear in Star Trek Excalibur. This latest...

Model Viewer v1.6a

Model Viewer v1.6a

Jan 16, 2011 Demo 7 comments

The NanoFX Model Viewer is a utility that allows you to view some ship models with some of the graphical effects that will appear in the final release...

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darth252 Jul 23 2015, 4:37am says:

I dont understand why some people are so passionately blind to this project...nothing we seen has not thus far been possible on a mod for bc.

After over ten years this still doesn't look any different.

Why are people so blind to the truth that this ultimately would have been better off on bc as a mod that could have branched out? When do people finally see that this game is way too big for this small group of guys who can barely make time for this?

Thus far I've had 2 guys go out of their way to troll me creating a profile just to spite my view on this but so far I haven't had anyone that gave me a reasonable answer or a take of their view on this project.

Where is your proof that this game is progressing in a way that will make the hype worth it?

Where is the proof that this is different and not just a giant soap bubble?

All we have gotten are screen shots of ships we have seen before, none of them are showinjg new tech that we never had before or that makes any real difference.

I'm sorry but having a shipard isn't that game changing they have been in the series all along just some dont use them quite as extensively but a lot of the games where you are in strategic combat with an enemy tended to give you the option to repair your ship at a yard of some kind or a base.

I'm not seeing why so many people are such blind fanboys for this project when bridge commander with mods did just fine, why did we need this game who asked for it? I sure as hell wouldn't have bothered if it was gonna be done by so few people who have never made a complete game before.

I'm not ending this till this project is done I want to know why anyone who has never made a game before and doing it for free would bother when they dont have the free time to make this project a reality. Why do this to fans?

-1 votes     reply to comment
darkthunder Jul 27 2015, 8:55am replied:

"I'm not ending this till this project is done I want to know why anyone who has never made a game before and doing it for free would bother when they dont have the free time to make this project a reality. Why do this to fans?"

So you freely admit it? You will not stop trolling Excalibur until it's either released or cancelled. The devs of Excalibur are making this game because they WANT TO. To prove that they can do it. The fans are simply the "happy recipients" of this endeavor.

If you can't handle the waiting process (no matter how long it takes), why not just simply WALK AWAY? Trust me, it will be far better on your sanity.

+1 vote     reply to comment
darth252 15hours 43mins ago replied:

You know what is sad though is that I responded to guest because he didn't just bash everything I said like you have done every time so yeah I'm not gonna just wave the white flag when I have valid points.

Plenty of people feel just as I do they just dont bother to post their feelings.

+1 vote     reply to comment
darkthunder Jul 27 2015, 8:48am replied:

"Let me just ends this off on a somewhat lighter note."

1 week later, your back at "bashing" Excalibur yet again.

I believe in terms of content, Excalibur has far higher polygon models compared to the STOCK models of Bridge Commander. You're basically comparing Modded BC (which already had those higher polygon ships) to Excalibur.

Graphically, Excalibur is superior to BC in every possible way. Some of the effects seen in the above screenshots were simply NOT POSSIBLE for Bridge Commander. And if you think it did, you're looking at Bridge Commander through very rose-tinted goggles.

As for proof: I have proof, but I don't feel the need to publicly disclose the how or why to a troll like you.

+1 vote     reply to comment
darth252 15hours 44mins ago replied:

Oh but you are a troll as well a white knighting troll. I'll continue as long as you focus on me. I'm important.

Sure it can look prettier but will it blow up just as awesome? If the damage effects are ugly like the original bc was, hell even the modded effects weren't that great it wont matter.

Just because they can add more polys to the ships than bc did doesn't mean it's gonna turn out to be a better game.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jul 25 2015, 9:50pm replied:

I see your point on some views but to be blunt here. This mod most likely started out as a personal way for the creators to enjoy the game more in depth then what BC had to offer and the Kobayashi Maru mod of combining a multitude of mods into one big fat pack helped users get more out of a Star Trek starship experience then what BC originally offered.

The people behind this mod want to bring something more then simply selection a ship, flying and shooting at crap. They want to add more usage of different systems to incorporate tactical advantages and maneuverability. Considering the fact that turning a ship simply to the port or starboard in BC is like a microwave plate spinning to the left or right. Textures look way more in detail then they did on BC, even with the best graphics card on the market. BC was old school when it came to textures. You honestly can't tell me you can't tell the difference in the textures here than compared to BC. You have a right to an opinion but in all honestly. If you don't like it, don't talk about it. Just leave it as is and move onto something that peaks your interest. Obviously people have interest in this as do I and I've honestly waited years just to see what I think is little done but their twitter posts update on a near daily basis on what they're completing so obviously they're not sitting around on this. Things take time when a full remodel is being done by a couple people instead of a fully fledged company with hundreds of employees working together towards a single goal.

+1 vote     reply to comment
darth252 Jul 27 2015, 1:11am replied:

I just wish this game was created by a large team of dedicated employees who make it their personal missions to make the game the best it can be.

0 votes     reply to comment
darkthunder Jul 27 2015, 9:01am replied:

Really now? Well, we have Cryptic Studios. A professional studio, with "dedicated employees who make it their personal mission to make the game the best it can be." They are the creators of Star Trek Online.

Visually, STO doesn't even come close. STO's texturing is haphazard at best, with only the newest ships having significantly improved graphics. Add to that, STO actually goes BACKWARDS from BC, in that it doesn't allow for full 360-degree movement in space. BC did. Excalibur will. I could go on with things that Cryptic/STO is worse on, compared to Excalibur. But then you'll just call me a "blind fanboy".

Just because a professional studio holds the license to the Trek IP, does not mean the professional project will be better than a fan-made project.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sleyon Jul 27 2015, 5:57am replied:

You could always ask EA to do it.

+2 votes     reply to comment
darth252 15hours 47mins ago replied:

I'd give them a chance they did great with mass effect at least...well except that mass effect 3 ending.

+1 vote     reply to comment
darth252 Jul 26 2015, 5:13am replied:

I thank you for a well thought out comment this I can respect and appreciate.

I hope your right I hope this does turn out to be great but there are some impressive models in bc though that makes it hard to tell the difference, the only difference I will be able to appreciate is seeing how well they modeled the damage effects.

Hopefully this does get released I'm still thinking it likely wont get released as a full game ever not for years and thats a shame.

I am disgusted with the star trek ip holders they been sitting on so much potential for a very very long time.

I suppose this is the best we will get even if it never launches as we all hoped for 10 years now.

Because someone finally approaches and respects my side of it I will in fact leave this alone till we see some more proof in the form of a video not just more screen shots that this thing really is happening and not just on posted twitter post.

Have a good day.

I'll be back when we get get some major info released right now what they are saying doesn't really interest me and frankly all I want to do with this is blow ships up personally I dont need a huge fantastic story line I'd really rather they at least get us a playable part that allows us to play with the ships and give them some useful feedback on what feels off or not.

+1 vote     reply to comment
darth252 Jul 25 2015, 5:18am replied:

See I dont expect a real response I'm willing to say ok you got a point but nothing I have been told is enough to justify over 10 years worth of so called development and only expecting some ship editor thats crap.

0 votes     reply to comment
darth252 Jul 23 2015, 4:40pm replied:

If only a real game studio was willing to take over and make this happen.

-1 votes     reply to comment
darkthunder Jul 27 2015, 9:03am replied:

Doesn't mean a professional studio would do things better.

+1 vote     reply to comment
darth252 Jul 16 2015, 7:54pm says:

Let me just ends this off on a somewhat lighter note.

I do hope it gets realeased, I hope it's amazing even better than they said it would be, I hope it gets released sooner than later, I hope it's a game everyone loves to play.

I just dont have much faith in a project like this too many games never get released when they are this ambitious.

-1 votes     reply to comment
darkthunder Jul 17 2015, 5:30pm replied:

"somewhat lighter note", yet you close with the exact same negativity you've been spewing all along.

If you no longer have any interest in the project, why don't you just LEAVE, and do something else with your life? Better for your mental well-being, and better for the rest of us.

+1 vote     reply to comment
darth252 Jul 18 2015, 10:35pm replied:

See when you continue to attack me personally do you think I'm ever going to just let this go? No.

It was a lighter note as I said I hope this does get released and is a fantastic game but after this long yeah I'm very skeptical.

You know you could easily just ignore me or something and not bother replying too me. None of you have made your own thoughts on the game just attacked mine.

So I can say the same exact thing too you friend.

-1 votes     reply to comment
darth252 Jul 15 2015, 1:24pm says:

Since no one on here is interested in even discussing the game what we were hoping to see I will actually bid farewell not like anyone goes on here to discuss the game, I trashed the game because I was extremely hyped for it only to realize it's just another game made by fans that will never be anything close to advertised.

I dont trust projects like this that are way too big than they can ever realistically handle, and being a huge fan of the star trek simulation games like bridge commander and klingon academy it's a slap in the face, I feel the official ip owners would have done something by now but they know something like this is happening so they dont need to.

-1 votes     reply to comment
darth252 Jul 13 2015, 6:40am says:

Until I'm given good reason to expect this game to get released and for it to be what they advertised it would be I stand extremely skeptical that this game in development will be nothing more than a game in development

-3 votes     reply to comment
darth252 Jul 13 2015, 6:37am says:

Jimmy I think it's rather creepy the way you are following me going around trying to dig up so called dirt which is extremely outdated, you tell me to get a life I already have one, try getting one of your own ;)

How about putting all that hate you have towards me and just discuss the game then, but then I bet you are not even interested in the game you are only interested in me.

Sad really.

I've given my reasons why I'm unhappy with this project you have't even spoken about it all you have done is trash against me.

Give me reasons to be hopeful about this game and I will discuss it with you civily but you have not shown any ounce of reasonable behavior towards me so dont expect any in return.

No wonder you are single.

And just so you know none of your pathetic post against me has actually ruffled me or raised my blood pressure in the slightest your opinion of me means nothing too me.

-2 votes     reply to comment
darkthunder Jul 14 2015, 1:32pm replied:

Jimmy is a moderator at the Excalibur Forums. He has no involvement in the development side of things. I am absolutely he has more of a life than you seem to have. Since your only intent seems to be doing whatever you can to trash Excalibur and other fan-developed projects (noteworthy, that most of your trash-comments on various projects, are projects which have been in development for an above-average length).

In other words: Your criticizing these projects, because they aren't released when YOU want them to be. And to that I say "Put up or shut up". Either contribute to the development (make it release faster), or shut the hell up and move on.

"No wonder you are single"

Speaking of yourself, are we?

+1 vote     reply to comment
darth252 Jul 15 2015, 1:28pm replied:

I'm married how many times do I have to say this? I've not lied about myself personally once.

I was a welder/assembler at john deere got laid off months ago due to crops lowering in profits this is happening everywhere though with trade skill jobs I applied myself to learn a useful well paying skill but got screwed over, but in that time I've gotten married, paid off all debt, bought a brand new house just five minutes away from my last job, have a kid that is just now 10 months year old, even on unemployment which is just temporary I've never failed to have a job when I needed one I still make more than any of you ever will.

().() Kiss it you guys are losers I'm simply a passionate gamer that finds these type of games utterly worthless in the gaming community I dont want a game like this even listed until it has a release date set for a reasonable time.

Unlike you ******** I dont create a profile just to harass one guy you guys are the ones with nothing to do in your time, I dont you 2 even play the other games you just wanted to argue with me not try to work anything out you made a point to be rude against me to attack me personally. So you both lose and wasted your time.

0 votes     reply to comment
darth252 Jul 15 2015, 1:18pm replied:

He sure dont act like a moderator and notice he never says he in fact has a life outside of his computer never says where he works whether he is raising a family himself he comes off as just another troll so moderator my *** the way he interacted with me doesn't show him to be any better and yes I know I am trolling I think this whole game is a epic troll against the star trek community so I dont regret trolling it. For a moderator to stoop to calling names, bringing up personal info shows just the kind of person he is. So no I dont think he has more of a life than me, and I'm pretty sure I have more than either of you will ever have. Neither of you have had a great paying career in your lives, neither of you own your own land you are borrowing a cubicle not raising any children, neither married, hell I doubt any of you believe in Jesus so **** you.

Perhaps if someone more than just you two ever went on here just to trash me personally than convincing me that this project isn't just another game never to be finished.

Notice I never stooped to name calling people merely saying that this project is utter bs and that anything that takes over 10 years is no longer relevant and extremely outdated by that point.

It's not a matter of me demanding it be released when I want it to but knowing that it wont get released in a reasonable time line I'm willing to bet money that it wont be playable for another 2 years minimum for a playable build not a finished product but just for more tid bits. Too me thats unacceptable and glad they are not accepting donations.

0 votes     reply to comment
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