Excalibur breaks the mould of traditional space simulation games by putting the player firmly in the boots of an experienced Starfleet captain. From the outset you will be able to control your character and command your ship as if you were standing on the bridge yourself. From taking direct control of the helm, to transferring command of any ship in your task force, or even calling your senior staff to the briefing room to discuss mission tactics; Excalibur is the most immersive Star Trek experience ever. Set six months after the events in Star Trek: Nemesis, Excalibur's story mode deals with the turbulent political scene caused by a decade of war and turmoil. From the second Borg incursion in First Contact, to the fall of the Dominion and the collapse of the Romulan political system; these events resulted in huge loss of life and changed the Alpha Quadrant forever.

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Recent Update Delays:

Due to unforeseen, real-world circumstances, Rob and Luke are unable to contribute their free time to the project until further notice. Please note that this is not a formal departure on their part, but rather a leave of absence. While this turn of events is unfortunate it is not altogether unprecedented, as projects like Excalibur are both taxing and time-consuming, and the real-life commitments of volunteer developers must always take precedence. We have already restructured our current staff as necessary to continue development, and anticipate expanding the team very soon.

Our PR Approach:

We have learned the hard way that building up hype in typical PR fashion only to fail to deliver content in a timely manner is unacceptably frustrating for the fans, and it also heaps additional pressure on the team. We have come to the conclusion that conventional approaches to PR are not working for us, simply due to the fact that generating PR material takes significant time away from developing the project. Subsequently we are suspending "headline" PR updates until further notice, though we will endeavor to post snippets of dev discussions, screenshots and videos as often as we are able. Please bear with us as we focus all of our resources on a transition to an exciting new phase of development...

The Evolved Engine:

Many of you have probably wondered why you haven't seen true gameplay footage in our updates. The answer is quite simple: the Evolved Engine never reached a complete, fully functional stage of development (no Data-inspired puns intended). Unavoidable team departures and leaves of absence by developers who were integral to the completion of the proprietary engine have made the continued development of Evolved an insurmountable task. The demands of simultaneously creating both a complex engine and game content have overtaxed our already strained resources. This has led us to only one logical conclusion...

The "Big" Announcement:

In the spirit of complete transparency, we are formally ceasing use of the Evolved Engine.

This has been an incredibly bittersweet and difficult decision, as we are consciously giving up years of hard work by many team members. However, we sincerely believe this decision is the correct one for the project as a whole, and that it is the only realistic option if we wish to stay the course and see Excalibur through to completion.

We have already begun working with a battle-tested engine, and this transition has finally allowed us to focus on making a game rather than merely the underlying tech. Our primary objective is to get gameplay up and running as soon as possible.

Unreal Engine 4:

At this time we are working on a prototype in Unreal Engine 4. This does not mean that UE4 will be our final choice, though current tests have been very promising, and the prototype should take a relatively short period to complete, by which time we will know if Unreal suits all our needs for the full game. If it exceeds expectations, we may be able to release the prototype for initial playtesting!

It is absolutely critical to note that we are not losing all our progress with this switch to UE4. Our web-based LCARS UI remains intact thanks to a free open source add-on called BLUI. While we are not able to continue creating our UI with the existing LCARS framework, we will be able to render a revised version onto consoles and displays inside of our levels in UE4, which is a massive step forward compared to the old arrangement in Evolved.

Many of our art assets are also staying in place, though some updates will obvoiusly be needed. We are going to have to convert our models for Unreal compatibility, and we are unfortunately going to lose the Evolved-based Hardpoint Editor...which will affect illuminators and modability. One of our major goals is to restore extensive mod support at a later date, as that has always been a feature near and dear to our hearts as longtime fans of Bridge Commander. Rest assured that we will make every effort to achieve an equivalent level of modding flexibility as was planned for Evolved.

Simply put, everything that has been holding us back on the engine-side has been resolved virtually overnight by this transition. We are enjoying many new features that are already opening up development of elements such as dynamic space environments, screen-canon visual effects, and even interior (FPS) content! For example, the model errors we were facing when porting Bridge Commander models to Evolved have disappeared, which means models we don't currently possess (or have time to produce from scratch) can be ported...assuming we aren't denied permissions to them.

Here is a small list of some of the effects which are already available with UE4, which we are evaluating via the prototype:

Star Effects
Dynamic Grass
Gas Giant FX
Procedural Sky
Dynamic Weather
Procedural Buildings
Procedural Forests
Planet Shaders
Ocean/Water Shaders

The learning curve for Unreal is considerably less steep than Evolved...an added bonus which has already become apparent. Some of our less technically savvy team members have already developed impressive content with very little support or previous experience by using UE4's integrated tools.

The general consensus among the team is sheer excitement. The possibilities presented by the new engine are countless, and fresh ideas are constantly being discussed. After a tortuous period of slow development, Excalibur is finally seeing a resurgence of energy and imagination, and we expect that trend to continue as we pursue development on Unreal Engine 4.

Unreal Announcement Footage:

For those who have been patiently awaiting an update for the past few months, here is a short video excerpt from our current prototype, showcasing a mere fraction of the potential of the Unreal Engine. Thank you for your continued patience and support. We hope that you are as excited about this new phase of development as we are. Unreal Excalibur Video

~ Excalibur Team

Ships Of Excalibur: Drydocks!

Ships Of Excalibur: Drydocks!

2 months ago News 12 comments Report

A monthly edition of Ships Of Excalibur gallery featurette!

Status report: May 2015

Status report: May 2015

3 months ago News 5 comments Report

Rob returns with another monthly status report that focuses on another big set of features...

Ships Of Excalibur

Ships Of Excalibur

4 months ago News 7 comments Report

The monthly regular, Ships Of Excalibur, returns with a tribute to the warrior race!

A Call to Arms

A Call to Arms

5 months ago News 3 comments Report

The Star Trek Excalibur project is very much alive and we are still pushing for the best quality we can muster. We are looking to greatly expand the team...

Excalibur breaks the mould of traditional space simulation games by putting the player firmly in the boots of an experienced Starfleet captain. From the outset you will be able to control your character and command your ship as if you were standing on...
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Model Viewer v1.7

Model Viewer v1.7

4 years ago Demo 20 comments

The NanoFX Model Viewer is a utility that allows you to view models with the same graphical effects that will appear in Star Trek Excalibur. This latest...

Model Viewer v1.6a

Model Viewer v1.6a

4 years ago Demo 7 comments

The NanoFX Model Viewer is a utility that allows you to view some ship models with some of the graphical effects that will appear in the final release...

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don_quichote Oct 3 2015 says:

This darth252 guy gets on my nerves. Isnt it possible to ban him? Its better for him....he definitly needs a real life and and a girlfriend :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
darth252 13hours 31mins ago replied:

I do have a real life, and I'm married and raising a son so....how about you do the same before judging pal I take my life pretty seriously and work damn hard for what I have. I dont remember you ever participating, also pretty sure you dont hold a trade skill job either. I own both of my cars paid off in full, I own my house and it's not a cheap one either. I'm a passionate gamer but it's been pretty bitter for star trek fans for well a long time as far as I know these are the only guys who have thus far promised an amazing game over 10 years ago and frankly the wait has gotten too much, I watch star trek with my son almost everyday before I go too work.

0 votes     reply to comment
darth252 Oct 2 2015 says:

**** why didn't you say it would actually be an improvement I figured it meant you were going with an even cheaper engine just to throw the game out there sooner than later I apologize. I've had enough disapointments with failed projects just about everything makes me very skeptickle anymore kinda why I no longer really buy every triple A title anymore most disappoint even with a huge budget like Destiny...

I did talk to some other devs on facebook and my faith in this project just went way up sorry for trolling you guys but you have to realize that I've been waiting over 10 years for a proper star trek game of this calibur and read you lost more guys made me think this was it it will never be realized after all the official ip owners haven't touched this franchise in any real meaninful way other than indie crap.

If you guys ever accept donations again I'll put some money down.

-1 votes     reply to comment
darkthunder Oct 2 2015 replied:

"again" ? When did Excalibur EVER accept donations? In fact, accepting donations for anything Star Trek, without actually having the license to the IP, would quickly get you a cease and desist.

Also.... MANY of us have waited for years. Does not mean that trolling is an acceptable behavior.

+2 votes     reply to comment
darth252 Oct 3 2015 replied:

Thats all you have have been doing as well you never really discussed the game all you did was target me and name call so I flamed back.

I know they cant accept donations but I'm saying if they were able to get support with funding I'd do it.

0 votes     reply to comment
l-c.h Oct 1 2015 says:

I think Excalibur is still the Star Trek game we all have dreamed of, since the announcement of Bridge Commander and despite the disappointment after its release, but because of the commitment of many Fans/Modders.... That was the moment when I realized that a really good Game for a Franchise like Star Trek can only be done by fans for fans.... it may take time, but in the end it will become a real Star Trek game where the true spirit and the legacy of Star Trek can live on!

I'm also a follower of this project since its beginning 10 Years ago, but a silent One.

The reason why I break my silence is that I want all the volunteering Devs know that there are still many Fans out here that still believe in this project and have never stopped to do so, even if the progress of it was not as fast and consistent as we hoped.

The change to UnrealEngine 4 is corageous and surprising but even more surprising is the progress, shown in the video, you have still achieved and which illustrates that the project and the fighting spirit of its Developers is still alive!

I wish you all the Best Excalibur Team don't let people like darth252 drag you down... Mistakes are part of the game ....otherwise real progress is not possible... thats life... after all I'm more sure than ever that Excalibur will become a great game ...

Because after all you guys are still working on it and have not give up!!!

Last but not least there is another Trek-Fan Project you should check out, if you are not already aware of it! On the website below is a very promising approach on modelling the Enterprise D and its interior in UnrealEngine 4, maybe the developer would be glad to work together with you guys!

All the best and Qapla'!

+4 votes     reply to comment
darth252 Sep 30 2015 buried:


LOL now using unreal 4 engine...nuff said goodbye was never gonna happen and knew it. Yes I trolled you guys but after ten years and still claiming to make this game happen you pull this **** you guys.

Wont be anymore impressive than bc when it comes to visuals anymore.

-6 votes     reply to comment
BenjiTheWalrus Creator
BenjiTheWalrus Sep 30 2015 replied:

Darth, I don't think you see the benefits here. All you saw was that Excalibur changed engines and you cried out like a toddler. Unreal will not only speed up development of the game, but it also has fantastic game mechanics and amazing visuals. Stop the dreary doom and gloom attitude and learn to respect people who are making an amazing FREE game for you. It doesn't matter how long it takes, it's still going to be amazing...and FREE. This comment thread will not be deleted, but all of your posts from now on will be. Let this be a lesson to constant complainers and disrespectful users. One or two times of harsh criticism is fine, but after that, it turns into plain old whining. You have been a nuisance on all social media related to this project, and I think you have better things to do than to harass hard-working devs who are doing their best to push out a, that's right, FREE game; not to mention the scale of this game compared to professional games nowadays. Excalibur could be one of the best games ever, and it takes more than a few years to create the best game ever with such a small team. Rest assured, a release is most LIKELY in the near near near future, as opposed to several more years. Do your research before you criticize.

+6 votes   reply to comment
darth252 13hours 23mins ago replied:

Well if you were to unban me from your site I'd better be able to get info like this, you guys rarely go on here. I didn't go anywhere near the post I did on here one of your modders on here immediately trolled me and gave a ban on your site even though I hardly posted on it.

0 votes     reply to comment
BenjiTheWalrus Creator
BenjiTheWalrus 11hours 15mins ago replied:

Too late, Darth; You've already crossed the line.

+1 vote   reply to comment
darth252 Oct 2 2015 replied:

Alright I'll play nice and you are absolutely right if you guys are actually able to get this out, I mean actually be able to give out a release date thats at least acceptably accurate I'd gladly donate on the side since I know you cant accept official currency without possibly having the ip owners up your case I'd do it just to say thanks.

All I ask is for darkthunder to stop trolling me and I will add to this forum not spam it.

0 votes     reply to comment
darkthunder Oct 2 2015 replied:

I have never trolled you. Your behavior on the other hand has bordered (or even crossed) the boundaries into being a troll.

As I replied above: Accepting donations for anything Star Trek, without actually having the license to the IP, would quickly get you a cease and desist.

0 votes     reply to comment
darth252 Oct 3 2015 replied:

No you trolled hard the entire time since I started posting on here, all you have done is attack me with that other guy you never really showed that much interest in discussing the game only getting a rise out of me so really you didn't help matters any.

I know they cant accept official funding for this project I'm saying I'd be on board if they were to find a way to get help in this way without getting shut down.

0 votes     reply to comment
darkthunder Sep 30 2015 replied:

Bye bye, and don't let the door hit you on your ***. You crybaby, manchild you!

+2 votes     reply to comment
darth252 Sep 30 2015 buried:


Your response is just as useless as you claim mine to be but I was right and you were wrong, but you cant admit it how sad.

you see leaving will mean literally no one will be even discussing this dead project. You will likely never return either. You just ate your own words loser. Me leaving does no harm too me and frankly does nothing to this sad project that it's a F- homework way overdue they get detention for life.

-6 votes     reply to comment
darth252 Sep 30 2015 buried:


I'm more of a man than you will ever be. You have not once added anything to this forum. You dont have a good paying trade skill, I doubt you are married, you probably working minimum wage living in a small apartment with some other dude.

Last laugh goes too me.

-6 votes     reply to comment
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