At the heart of Star Trek Armada are the most exciting elements from the Star Trek episodes and movies: leading fleets of starships into combat, exploring new planetary systems throughout the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, and carefully treading the delicate balance between peace and war among six different races. This RTS is unlike many others in that there is a huge emphasis placed on modding it, and consequently there is quite an array of extremely impressive mods available which have proved massivly popular. So if you are a fan of RTS, follow Star Trek and want to experience all this wonderful game series has to offer then scope out a few of its sweet-as modifications!

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Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations

Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations

109 ratings Real Time Strategy

Fleet Operations is a popular skirmish and multiplayer orientated total conversion modification for Activision's real-time strategy game Star Trek Armada...

Klingon Academy II:  Empire at War

Klingon Academy II: Empire at War

26 ratings Real Time Strategy

2 Years after the release of "Klingon Academy II: The General War" comes a multiplayer/instant action expansion, "Klingon Academy II: Empire at War...

BORG:Incursion - Vital Responses

BORG:Incursion - Vital Responses

5 ratings First Person Shooter

The BORG: Incursion series has gone through many changes since its first incarnation around 4 years ago. This latest offering gives much in the way of...



1 rating Real Time Strategy

Sigma is a total conversion Real Time Strategy Game being developed in line with the popular Star Trek Armada II modification known as Fleet Operations.

Armada 2 Upgrade Project

Armada 2 Upgrade Project

6 ratings Real Time Strategy

This project aims to increase the graphical quality of Armada II without making the game incompatible with other people running "normal" versions...


Babylon 5 Armada II

8 ratings Real Time Strategy

The Sequal to the popular Babylon 5: Armada mod for Star Trek Armada, this mod features over 200 vessels in 8 different sides. Included are the Earth...

Star Trek Armada II Future Wars

Star Trek Armada II Future Wars

28 ratings Real Time Strategy

Total Conversation [GERMAN & ENGLISH] for "Star Trek Armada 2", featuring a new and fully voiced singleplayer campaign - 100 years after "Star Trek...