Star Ruler 2 is a massive space 4X/RTS.

Explore dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of systems in a galaxy of your choosing, expand across its planets, exploit the resources you find, and ultimately exterminate (or subjugate) any who stand in your way. The fate of your empire depends on your ability to master the economy, field a military, influence galactic politics, and learn what you can about the universe.

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So, as you're probably all too aware, SR2's first expansion, Wake of the Heralds, released just a couple of weeks ago.

This, as forecasted, meant a quick and painful death for most content mods as the game pre-emptively deactivated them to prevent exactly the kind of catastrophic event you'd have witnessed if you tried to enable ABEM.

Add to this the growing difficulty of keeping ABEM's balancing up to date with new additions to the game (hello, WotH!), and you would be right in assuming the mod was doomed. (I certainly did at first - before the expansion released, the best reassurances I could provide on the Steam forums were that it'd be back 'eventually'.)

Freighter fleeing Atrozal as the galaxy is exploding.- Abandon ship! I mean planet, that is, galaxy, err... mod!

In a way, the mod did die - Alar and I agreed to scrap the whole thing and try to rebuild it from scratch, using the pre-WotH version as a template to adapt and adjust to the new balance scheme, and by now the first version's more or less playable.

So, without further ado, I am happy to announce that barring unforeseen circumstances, the mod will go live (on Steam, but probably also on ModDB) on the 16th of May! *cue cheers*

A constant, nagging reminder that we're playing ABEM... :D- That tiny little explosion icon (and now the sensor range indicator too) is a constantly nagging reminder that we are in fact playing a mod... as if the Rahta name wasn't enough.

The first version's going to feel pretty crippled compared to 0.4.2. There's still a lot that needs to be added back in, and Alar's adopted an understandable 'quality before quantity' attitude so it's physically impossible to cram all that content back in within a week.

Nylli derelict near a debris field and Rahta support ships.- When we tried to put all of 0.4.2 back into the game, those evil Rahta blew the modding facility up! And killed the Nylli ambassador, too! ;(

Still, here's a few things that are already in, or likely to be added by the time the mod's released:

  • Rahta and Fasshi are back with a vengeance (Notable changes are that the Rahta now get Research from killing stuff instead of fighting stuff, the Rahta start with Troop Pods, the Fasshi start with Broadcast Antennae... and they're both only playable with the expansion.)
  • A new race. Perhaps. Possibly Vanguard-related, though I'm not sure I'll get the chance to slip that tidbit in.
  • Derelicts! (I can't be the only one who missed them?)
  • Composite Armor, Covariant Shields, Shielded Antimatter Generators, Singularity Cores, Quantum Armor, Security Stations, Boarding Parties
  • Sensors, I hope
  • The many new (well, now they're old) and crazy ways in which one can tweak his game experience...
  • Possibly a new name and/or logo. (We. Are. Not. In. Version. 0.120. Anymore.)

A lobby containing Alar's Feyh Technicists, my Rahta, a pair of AI, and tabs that do not belong there.- Advanced Options are back, Crazy Options are back, ABEM version indicator is back and complaining (complaints sold separately)... oh, and Alar's back! :D

One thing worth noting is that we haven't really done a lot of work on the vanilla version (as noted above, the new races won't work, and the tech grid probably doesn't contain any ABEM content), so you shouldn't try playing it without the expansion (yet?). Which is another reason you should pick up WotH, as if it didn't already stand on its own two feet. (As I summarized in my Steam review - if you don't have SR2, figure out if you want to have it, and if you have or want SR2, you want to get WotH too. :P)



Rising Stars

The public alpha for ABEM 0.5.0 is now live on the Steam Workshop! Testers badly needed.

ABEM 0.4.0 is now live!

ABEM 0.4.0 is now live!

Rising Stars

A big new update warps in from the Overlords' galaxy, and stuff's happening in the base game, too!

Alien Vanguard

Alien Vanguard

Rising Stars 2 comments

A dangerous new enemy approaches the Star Ruler galaxy in 0.4.0...

The Souls of Stars

The Souls of Stars


Strange alien races, floating continents, and star-destroying weapons! We've been busy the past two months and there's a lot to show for it.

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Compatibility hotfix for Rising Stars 1.0.2

Compatibility hotfix for Rising Stars 1.0.2

Rising Stars Patch 1 comment

Compatibility hotfix for Star Ruler 2 version 2.0.3. Built for and requires Rising Stars 1.0.2.

[LATEST] Rising Stars 1.0.2 for v2.0.2

[LATEST] Rising Stars 1.0.2 for v2.0.2

Rising Stars Full Version

Rising Stars version 1.0.2 (The Glory of War). Made for Star Ruler 2 version 2.0.2, compatible with 2.0.1. Full version, does not require previous versions...

Patch 2.3a for The Firstborn

Patch 2.3a for The Firstborn

Dalo's Mods Patch

Cumulative update containing several new skins and a few tweaks and fixes for The Firstborn 2.2. Requires a functioning installation of The Firstborn...

Rising Stars 1.0.1 for v2.0.1

Rising Stars 1.0.1 for v2.0.1

Rising Stars Full Version

Rising Stars version 1.0.1 (The Glory of War). Compatible with Star Ruler 2 version 2.0.1. Full version, does not require previous versions.

Patch 2.2 for The Firstborn

Patch 2.2 for The Firstborn

Dalo's Mods Patch 2 comments

Cumulative update containing several new skins and a few texture tweaks for The Firstborn 2.1. Includes patch 2.1a.

Patch 2.1a for The Firstborn

Patch 2.1a for The Firstborn

Dalo's Mods Patch 1 comment

Metadata update for The Firstborn 2.1 that fixes an issue with the Stargate hull's textures. INCLUDED IN 2.2+ - DOWNLOAD PRESERVED SOLELY FOR LEGACY PURPOSES...


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Wow, this looks mind-blowingly awesome!

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