- update 31-may-2012 -
The Combat Prototype sourcecode is available, open to anyone willing to have a look, so they can see what's required to make a very basic game in OpenGL and C#.

- update 06-march-2013 -
Development of the game is contuining, but at a very slow pace due to real life commitments.

If you wish to make suggestions, feel free to post on the forums of Star Apocalypse or contact us directly here.

Star Apocalypse is the reinvention of the 4X genre. The game is a real time game of intergalactic civilisation, using the computation power of modern computers to run advanced simulations on cultural, technological and societal interaction and development.

Alpha Gameplay

The Alpha gameplay and graphics will be very basic. In the alpha, you start out as an organisation like modern-day NASA or any similar space flight organisation. Your objective will be to lead humanity into space, and try to get a self sufficiënt presence in space.

This all will happen in a totally random-generated universe. The universe is already set up in such a way that it can accomodate Beta-phase gameplay. It is a universe of 500 stars, each with their own scientific stats. The universe is meant to be as scientifically-accurate as possible. It will feature systems with planets, asteroids, planetoids, stars and more. These will all have scientific stats, like planets having atmospheres with pressure, temperature and such. Planets and Stars will also have an escape velocity. These will all influence the handling of ships, populations, etc.

Speaking of ships, those will have real scientific stats, like mass, thrust and such. This will all calculate into ships having a limited range and a limited set of objects they can take off from. In fact, range won't be limited by a hard kilometer distance. If you want to travel to the next Star System, you can do so, but it'll take you thousands of years, if not more. Range will be limited by your Delta Velocity Capacity. This is roughly the capacity to change speed. You can save on this, by using other celestial objects' gravity to slingshot yourself to your destination. This will cause a trade-off between speed and propellant consumption.

Once you have the technologies to become self-sufficiënt in space, competitors will also start to challenge you. They will compete for the same resources (which are limited). You win the game by being the first to settle a colony in a nearby system. In the Beta, the win condition will be different, although alpha gameplay will be preserved.

The graphics of the Alpha won't be meaningful, to say the least. It will be a simple Windows Forms application, with some parts of it having OpenGL rendering (like the Map). The goal of the Alpha is to test basic gameplay mechanics and to be able to quickly prototype things. By the time of the Beta, we'll start working on providing proper graphics.

Features of the Alpha:

  • A scientifically realistical universe, featuring systems with planets, stars, asteroids, planetoids, moons, oort clouds, kuiper belts, and more! And these all orbit eachother!
  • Semi-realistical spacecraft movement, based on acceleration instead of max speed.
  • Start as a modern-day space-flight organisation, and become self-sufficiënt in space.
  • Research technologies and explore planets with rovers and probes to increase your knowledge.
  • Hard-scifi setting!
  • Design starships from the ground up, with realistic stats for each component.
  • Build bases on remote planets, moons, asteroids and planetoids.
  • Compete with several other players or AI's for the same resources (*)

What the Alpha won't have:

  • Shiny Graphics.
  • The gameplay as described below. The beta will form the transition period from the above to the final gameplay.

* - This will be implemented in a later Alpha Build.


In Star Apocalypse the player takes control of a society just as it is about to reach the stars. The player will guide them to found new colonies, construct massive fleets, and improve their economy. So far, nothing new to the 4X genre.
However, the player will not directly control everything, he is in fact limited to the options available to his central government, not even necessarily his entire populace on his home world. Thus the player will play a game of internal politics as distant colonies and minorities will strive to better their lot in life. The player will be just as busy keeping the empire together as he is expanding it!
The player will try to guide his civilisation as best he can forward into the galaxy and the future, where new technologies, unknown species and ultimately, ascension from the corporeal form await him, amongst other things.


Star apocalypse is set in a not so distant future, where man is just and about able to start mining the solar system, all the way to a very distant future where man travels from one end of the universe to the other in the blink of an eye.
The map is a galaxy system much like the milky way, with thousands, if not millions, of stars to explore.


  • Internal politics: A faction, like yours, is a rather fuzzy term that can contract and expand.
  • Full galaxy map: You will never be done with exploring due to the sheer size of the map (which is random generated each time!).
  • Societal evolution: During the game the cultural values, desires and AI behavior evolve.
  • Open ended tech system: Allows for constant inclusion of new technologies to the game.
  • Dynamic Universe: Civilizations rise and fall over time, the player starting right in the middle of it.
  • Scientific Realism: Our aim is to make the game as scientifically accurate as possible on every area.
  • Timeline from the start of space flight till the distant future.

Target audience

This game is made to appeal to the science fiction fans, fans of the 4X genre & strategy games in general, and people who enjoy political/historical simulations.

Game goal

The goal of the game is to lead your civilisation as best you can; what this means however evolves along with your society. This is subject to the cultural values of your society, which bring certain expectations and focus to your society. It is dependant on the stratification of your society; a civilisation base on slavery requires a large military to maintain it. It is dependant on on your dependency towards other colonies; Rome needs the Egyptian grain. Etcetera. From being a brutal warlord to an enlightened technocracy, your goals evolve with your society.


  • Watch your society evolve from a third rate ‘new-to-space' culture to a vast, galaxy spanning civilisation.
  • Carefully manage the balance of power on which you rule your subjects, or face uprisings and revolutions.
  • Survive in a galaxy that is in constant turmoil, wage war on interstellar scale, craft powerful alliances, or go isolationist and try to keep the galaxy out of the door as much as possible.
  • We will try to keep the game easy to modify, so fans can build their own variations!
  • We prefer the game to be released under a pay-what-you-want scheme, but if Desura doesn't allow this, we'll look for different ways to allow donations. Possibly coupled with several editions of the game.

Sounds like something you'd like to play? Why not watch this profile, comment and participate! We can always use community input!

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RSS feed Articles

Hey everyone,

I'm gonna give some updates on progress and do a few announcements for the game in this post.

First of all, I have been working on a very simplified game engine. It is a 2D graphics engine with very simple code. It also does not care a bit about the gameplay code, as long as it gets its stuff to draw to the screen. It's quite the thing which a gfx engine should do in my eyes. I have also implemented inside this engine mini-threading functionality which balances the execution of the gameplay code library over several threads. The intention is to make the game scale with future hardware and with different hardware specs modern day. More CPU power will mostly enhance the size of the universe and the AI. More RAM will mostly increase the possible size. The threading functionality does not fully work as intended yet, but I'm getting close. I hope to be able to show some demonstrations somewhere in the coming weeks.

Another announcement I want to make is that I'll be releasing the soundtracks made for Star Apocalypse between july 2006 and now as CC-BY-SA for downloading somewhere in october. So it'll be added as a download package on here. Most of the devs on the project are also people who value an open culture with freedom to share the cultural fruits of others. In this, we want to release the soundtracks as items which can be freely shared and even be used in other commercial projects, as long as a reference to us is given.

I also want to apologize for a lack of updates. I have had a lot going on in real life, and still have. That has allowed me to spend little time on coding. Things should be slowly starting to settle down now, so hopefully I can get that game engine working within a few weeks.

Another announcement is that I intend to release a smaller game using this engine and minithreading capabilities before I will develop a full 4X game with it. It allows me to optimize it for running deep 4X simulations once I know the strengths and weaknesses of this engine.

This was it for this time. I hope to be able to show something really ingame the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me by email, PM on here, comments or on steam by my profile at Steamcommunity

PS: Little shoutout to the FAF community for pointing me this excellent vid:

Revenue model, music & more

Revenue model, music & more

2 years ago News 0 comments

It's been a while since the last update. That's also with a reason. I've been quite seriously ill since the start of april. And it isn't showing any signs...

Downloads & Update

Downloads & Update

2 years ago News 0 comments

In this update I'll explain the new downloads added and general progress on development.

Work continues

Work continues

2 years ago News 0 comments

Work has been done on my house, slowly ending my 'hiatus'. A soundtrack concept has been posted and work will slowly continue on the game itself.

Short hiatus

Short hiatus

2 years ago News 0 comments

I wanted to let you know why there has been a recent lack of updates regarding development.

RSS feed Downloads
Star Apocalypse OST Pack 1

Star Apocalypse OST Pack 1

2 years ago Music 0 comments

License: CC-BY-SA. Has a surprise inside for the ones who will receive these transmissions on short notice. File can be opened with winrar and 7zip.

Pre alpha code converted to XNA

Pre alpha code converted to XNA

2 years ago Other 0 comments

This is the Pre alpha code of the very buggy version of past summer converted to XNA rendering. The game library itself was hardly changed. Had this sitting...

Orbital Motion Prototype

Orbital Motion Prototype

2 years ago Other 0 comments

This is the prototype we used to optimize orbital motion. It features very simple mechanics to simulate a 'simplified' orbital motion method. It can simulate...

Current Pre-Alpha build sourcecode

Current Pre-Alpha build sourcecode

3 years ago Source Code 0 comments

This is the sourcecode of the current Pre-Alpha buil.d It is far from complete, and as such, should be considered as such. For license info, see license.txt...

Non-playable Star Apocalypse Alpha Preview

Non-playable Star Apocalypse Alpha Preview

3 years ago Demo 0 comments

This is a non-playable Alpha preview. It is posted to show you how far we are, and what direction we'll be heading in. You're free to give feedback on...

Combat Prototype Sourcecode

Combat Prototype Sourcecode

3 years ago Source Code 0 comments

This is the full Combat Prototype sourcecode, released under LGPL license. Open it with Visual Studio C# 2010. The sourcecode is partially documented...

Post comment Comments  (60 - 70 of 82)
GideonB Nov 22 2008 says:

what engine are you using to make this game?

+2 votes     reply to comment
dirtbag007 Creator
dirtbag007 Nov 23 2008 replied:

We will likely make our own.

I'm still learning to program, so that's why there are delays.

I must admit that the game's jewel won't be graphics. It will be mainly 2d graphics. This will allow us to focuss on the gameplay itself.

I will soon post some more details about the other game, which will be posted here as a modification, as it takes place within the Star Apocalypse universe.

+2 votes   reply to comment
blackmodeler Apr 30 2009 replied:

i think thats very wise! imo gameplay can often be more addictive then graphics.

+2 votes     reply to comment
dirtbag007 Creator
dirtbag007 Nov 20 2008 says:

A little update:
The concept of the game which we're gonna do first is practically done. The only thing which needs to be done now is finishing my coding courses. I will have finished pascal by the end of december, and then I start with C#. That will take aprox 3-6 months. So expect some delays again.


+2 votes   reply to comment
dirtbag007 Creator
dirtbag007 Sep 27 2008 says:

Programming courses' progress is going well, but improving the concept isn't

+1 vote   reply to comment
dirtbag007 Creator
dirtbag007 Sep 13 2008 says:

XNA might be going to be used, depending on the votes of the team and results from information which we gather and get from others!
If it is a go, development will continue far earlier than planned!

+1 vote   reply to comment
dirtbag007 Creator
dirtbag007 Aug 20 2008 says:

Development might continue earlier, depending on how my C++ courses progress!

+1 vote   reply to comment
Shoelip Jul 16 2008 says:

I had another question about the perspective. Is it just going to be the perspective that looks like those shots or is the art style as a whole going to be similar?

+1 vote     reply to comment
dirtbag007 Creator
dirtbag007 Jul 18 2008 replied:

well, they were used as an example.
The background will be more calm, likely with constellations in the background. The ship style may be a bit different too, but it will look like it, so count on that.

And the style will be quite like it, to answer your question.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Shoelip Jul 9 2008 says:

This seems a bit like what Sins of a Solar Empire was originally meant to be. Hm... I really like the idea of police defending against pirates and stuff. Makes it seem more like a real time space empire simulation than a real time strategy game. I hope you keep stuff like that in there. I love simulations and was rather disappointed to see that Sins had gone so much away from that.

+1 vote     reply to comment
dirtbag007 Creator
dirtbag007 Jul 9 2008 replied:

we go on purpose into a different direction than sins. But the graphical area might be up for some surprises ;)

Gameplay and Graphics will be 2 things that will majorly set the game apart from other games.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Shoelip Jul 9 2008 replied:

Hm... I just noticed the update about the graphics. So the game will be in a fully 2D playing field then? That takes allot away from a space game... but I'll still keep an eye on this.

+1 vote     reply to comment
dirtbag007 Creator
dirtbag007 Jul 10 2008 replied:

it will be 2d yes, but the depth with police and pirates will stay in. We primarily focuss on gameplay, graphics will be a lower priority.

But 2d not necessarily takes alot away from a space game. Ever tried flatspace or Starships unlimited? Both are great indep games which are very fun to play.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Shoelip Jul 12 2008 replied:

Well sure, a space game can still be great with only two dimensions... but three is so much better. I don't mean 3D graphics like Sins of a Solar Empire, but 3D gameplay, like Homeworld. It literally adds a whole new dimension of movement. It's also pretty uncommon in a genre that is already not terribly common.

I personally don't care about graphics as long as the gameplay is good. I mean, I'm a Dwarf Fortress fan. Bay12games.com

Well regardless, as long as you keep the idea of vast but extremely detailed simulated empires alive you've got my continued interest. :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
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