Star Apocalypse is the reinvention of the 4X genre. The game is a real time game of intergalactic civilization, using the computation power of modern computers to run advanced simulations on cultural, technological and societal interaction and development.

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Oct 6 2011 Anchor

Want to help us out fill out the tech tree?

For our tech tree we're looking for future technology & science. We want to include as much of it as possible in a simulation of technological advancement and diversity. We're looking for (links to) futuristic technologies, their scientific foundation and their potential applications. What we are specifically not looking for is this or that gameplay mechanic argued back to a scientific foundation.

So if you have any idea's regarding the future potential of.. anything... we humbly ask you to share it. This could be virtually anything, from laser catapulting ships into interstellar space, to genetic enhancement of crops for non-CO2 atmospheres. It could be improved construction strength owed to nano fibers, or the potential to build a space elevator once a certain construction strength has been reached. It can be the potential for instantaneous travel once we find a way to fold space all the way from A to B. The list is endless, and that's where you come in, to indeed make it endless. Again, don't tell us what it does in the game, tell us what the technology itself is and does, and tell us what this technology needs in terms of other technology and scientific research.

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