Sprocket Junkie is a “spiritual successor” to the 1996 PC game Rocket Jockey. Sprocket Junkie is a fast paced multiplayer vehicular combat game that straps riders onto customizable rocket engines with grapple guns mounted on either side. Fire the grappling hooks at opponents to yank them off of their rockets, set up rope clotheslines, and make hairpin turns. Find power-ups and traps in each arena to gain an edge over the competition. Sprocket Junkie focuses on multiplayer arena styled games that feature both Free for All and Team Battle. Work on your own in each arena in Free for All or use the grapple hooks on either side of your rocket to assist your team mates in Team Battle. Customization is a large component of vehicle games and Sprocket Junkie is no exception. The engine chassis has seven customizable slots, each supporting a wide range of attachments so players can create unique and personalized rocket designs.

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