In the near future, the online world decides the fate for reality. He who controls the digital controls all of humanity. In this battle for information enter Aiva, a hacking program that does battle on the information super highway, whose task is to access the enemy’s mainframe and shut it down. Sp. AI is a 3rd person puzzle platformer where the player takes control of an Artificially Intelligent infiltration program called Aiva, whose abilities range from hacking systems, cracking fire walls and toying with security protocols. Game-play Pillars: 1. Seamlessly fitting puzzle that flow smoothly from on to another. 2. Real time problems that make you think on the spot. 3. Turn based strategy that makes you think 3 steps ahead. Sp.A.I Is a third year project for 5 students at the Queensland University of Technology.

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8 Agitokatana

Mar 31st, 2011 0 people agree 0 people don't

Sp.A.I is a uniquely stylized puzzle game and it certainly has charm with an interesting theme.

The games rpg element isn't too involved, and the game mainly focuses on the puzzle element. Most of the puzzles involve laser redirecting/management and you are punished if you make a mistake, the learning curve is rather minor but the difficulty curve can be steep, all in all it's a good game that needs polish.

Considering it was made by 5 students it's simply amazing how it has turned out thus far, and I hope to see more soon.

Gameplay: 8.5
Interesting puzzle gameplay slightly lacking on the RPG side.

Sound: 7.0
Sounds effects are rather basic.

Graphics: 8.0
Stylization is charming.

Difficulty: 7.5
A puzzle that you can breeze through is no fun although the curve is steep.

Lasting Appeal: 8.0
All in all an entertaining experience.

Overall: 8.0

Surrealness says
8 Surrealness

Oct 31st, 2011

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--JoKeR-- says
8 --JoKeR--

Dec 12th, 2010

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S!C says
8 S!C

Nov 22nd, 2010

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SG1Shadow says
8 SG1Shadow

Oct 29th, 2010

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ADGeneric says
8 ADGeneric

Oct 27th, 2010

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Serenity6Two2 says
8 Serenity6Two2

Oct 25th, 2010

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