You have crash landed on a mysterious alien planet. Everything is now a life or death decision, Do you have what it takes to survive?

Chances are stacked against you, but don't give up. You are most likely the last man alive, literally. It is up to you and you alone to do what you must to stay alive. With enough perseverance, you can colonize this uncharted planet for mankind, but be wary for you might not be as alone as you think...

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Spacebit 0.7.5 Stable Desura Release


Long time no see! Its been a while since we uploaded a news post based on the latest release on Desura so its about time we get up to date and release one :) We found an artist to create the enviroment, ground, characters etc... so soon you will see spacebit in top-notch visual goodness!

We are also available on Indievania for $5.99 as a special 40% off which includes the Spacebit Updater for constant earlier updates.

Spacebit has also been uploaded to Steam GreenLight. Check it out over here:
Any support and friendly comments you could give us over there would really be awesome and much welcomed! We really also reccomend to check out the many other games on there if you haven't already, almost every single one of them deserves your support in my opinion!

The Spacebit website has been completely reworked, including a new forum which can be found at


Visuals!! our main focus at the moment is improving graphical quality, completing the new environment art, improving particle quality, effects etc.

Tips and Hints

Playing this stable version is very different from the current version on Desura. That's why we have the Tips and Hints section to help you with some of the things that changed in the game you would not have known prior to this massive update!

  • All attacks have a knockback now
  • To open inventory, character sheet or creation menu, press ESC and click on one of the 3 buttons at the bottom left
  • Spaceship creation has been disabled while we are changing core of the map loading system
  • You have a map editor with which you can create your own maps
  • Top level has been changed to 5
  • You lose items if you die
  • To save character press ESC and click save character

Team and Development News

We have found a new 2D artist and will have more news of him during this week. Bert, our music composer has been working hard on new media for the background and main menu. Bram has been working hard on the menu art as well as the trailer/intro. Jeno has been busy working hard on the item icons, check the new art out in the compilation image!

art compi

And i've also been working on a side project we called Arena. Check it out over here: Ben has been programming multiplayer and is right now focusing on liquids once again. He is concentrating all his awesome brain power on improving quality of everything like liquid and improving performance to allow for more unique and interesting liquid related things.

Full Change Log

Spacebit Version 0.75


  • New main menu art
  • Added the new main menu music

Spacebit Version 0.73


  • Improved tile texture sizes from 32by32 to 64by64 which means double the quality and no apparent decrease in fps.
  • You now open inventory, character sheet and creation menus at the bottom left of the screen
  • Press esc and click save character to save
  • Map Editor tile viewport increased from 10by10 tiles to 50by50tiles
  • Added many more item icons
  • Fixed allot of gameplay issues
  • Removed music for the time being as we are changing the options menu

Spacebit Version 0.72


  • Fixed Melee
  • Improved ESC Menu for inventory, Creation, Character
  • Added 2 new object types (trees)
  • Increased Editors viewport tiles
  • Added couple new item icons

Spacebit Version 0.71


  • Changed the options menu save log
  • Gameplay screen does not shake when moving anymore
  • Fixed issue with inventory not working properly
  • Added many new item icons

Spacebit Version 0.70


  • Changed the save log once more i changed how items were saved
  • Fixed a issue with the game having problems starting
  • Inventory size is now based on level
  • Changed the Gameplay Interface to take up less room
  • Added option for text to have different colours
  • Maximum level is now level 5
  • New type of monster spawns at every new level
  • Making changes to screen resolution still working on a better solution
  • Renamed tileGenerator to the correct name "World Editor"
  • World Editor should now properly start up

Spacebit Version 0.69


  • Saves characters correctly
  • Fixed a bug with battery not saving
  • When you die at night you respawn during daytime with random items lost as a penalty
  • Changed font to easier to read font
  • Floating text has been re-done and works allot better then before

Spacebit Version 0.68


  • Re-Designed how maps load and save ingame
  • Added the Map Editor
  • Mining lazers now have cycle's and Extraction mechanics
  • Main menu is completly re-done
  • Added 3 Languages 2 more plan to be added "Please contact us if you wish to translate a language"
  • Re-worked lighting for the time being
  • Added many new materials and items
  • And many bug fix's

Spacebit Version 0.60


  • Fixed Resolution 1920 by 1080 problem!
  • Screen is resized based on resolution so all screens no matter the resolution look the same
  • When a light is not onscreen its removed this improves performance a little but lights still drain performance
  • Added new item drop sound

Spacebit Version 0.58


  • Further problems which 0.56 had have been fixed
  • Added new effect sounds and weather sounds
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080 has been fixed

Spacebit Version 0.57


  • Fixed a lot of problems cuassing game to crash
Spacebit 0.5.6 Stable Desura Release

Spacebit 0.5.6 Stable Desura Release

News 0 comments

Hello wonderful Spacebit survivors! We have a massive update for you. We know you will love the new progress and we are really excited to hear what you...

Spacebit 0.4.9 Multiplayer Desura Release

Spacebit 0.4.9 Multiplayer Desura Release

News 2 comments

Hello all Spacebitians! We have a big multiplayer update for all of you.

Desura Spacebit 0.4.0 released

Desura Spacebit 0.4.0 released

News 0 comments

Hello everyone! Sorry for a little delay, the spaceship system took up a lot more time than we assumed, but everything is going well and the majority...

Spacebit Alpha Funding 25% OFF SALE!

Spacebit Alpha Funding 25% OFF SALE!

News 0 comments

Once again, we wish to thank all who support Spacebit, our first Major Update on Desura has been reached in days. We hope you enjoy the update as we greatly...

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error:loading sound effects data setting default system error message 4785714

this is the error message I get, if I have everything installed correctly, all other games are perfect me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SpaceBitDev Creator

Go to Content/Files/settings.txt

Then you will see something like:
Window Mode
800 x 600
0.4142857 (change this one to 1)
0.4357143 (change this one to 1)

Then that will fix the problem, let us know if this worked :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

does not work, at least to me :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Superjeno Creator

Hey PedroKoF!

What's the error you are getting? Have you installed the required software (i.e. XNA framework, .net framework)?

Reply Good karma+1 vote
SpaceBitDev Creator

Hello Everyone!

Version 0.9.1 is now released on Desura so go ahead and update Spacebit, I'm currently working on turrets which will require fuel to run and bullets to attack. I also want to add spacebikes which can be found around the map! Also expect allot of new polish with 3D sounds, new particle system and many more particles for different things to make everything nicer.

Let us know what you think and remember to check out the recent video showing off some of the new features.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
SpaceBitDev Creator

Hello Everyone,

Spacebit is currently on a 25% sale with Desura, we look forward to hearing about your experiences playing and cant wait to bring more big content updates and improvements! Happy Spacebitting

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SpaceBitDev Creator

Hello everyone!

Next update will include many new items including objects like a energy converter for converting items into a fuel, Animal traps and animals AI will be improved to make it even harder to hunt those pesky creatures.

Animals will avoid lava and some improvements to how liquid reacts with each other.

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SpaceBitDev Creator

Hello Everyone,

Please go to for the new Spacebit Lets play with Jeno and Myself.

We tried uploading it to Desura but the file size was too big.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
SpaceBitDev Creator

Hello everyone,

New update is just around the corner. Its going include tons and tons of content and improvements.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Tried to download the zip. Is this game dead? hasn't been anything new in a Long time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SpaceBitDev Creator

Hello Harley,

I'm about to release an update for Desura I have just had little time to work with recently.

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Maybe I shouldn't like this game so much. I give it 10 for potential and the daily updates if you bought from the dev's site (via the handy updater program). It just feels so good to play even though I'm not very good at surviving. One suggestion to devs is that objects be added to existing slots - for example, if I have dirt moved down to my quick slots, then any new dirt I dig up should be added to the existing dirt in the quick slot until it is full before going in a new inventory slot. Otherwise…

Apr 16 2012 by mik3k


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