Sovereign is a hunting and survival game designed to be a relaxing experience. Similar to real life sport hunting the challenge in Sovereign comes from actually hitting your target. Difficulty is left to the game player in that you can walk up and smack your target with an arrow at close range, but it's more challenging and rewarding to take your time and nail that target from a good distance. The choice is yours. Sovereign also adds the additional element of survival and inventory management. You must keep yourself alive by collecting food from the animals that you kill and retrieve items such as wood to create new arrows so the hunt can continue. Sovereign is an enjoyable game to work on so I expect to continue development of this game by adding additional environments, animals and features as time progresses so check back!

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Sep 28th, 2012 0 people agree 1 person doesn't

I played it like 20 minutes and I din´t really enjoy it a lot. I think surviving games are a game´s type that I like, but this needs more exploration elements also I suggest:

- Try to set up a very begginers tutorial, where you directly talk for example saying: "In Sovereign, there are 3 types of weapons: Stick, better for close combat, wood easily usable in mid-range combat and iron the trickest one, it is used for long range", also displaying all that in a window in the HUD should be useful, to anybody who don´t understand your voice/English well...

- Maybe adding more environment types as you want in the future...

- Adding basic animations for eating/curing and a little sound when you are too close an arrow like wind blowing or something.

- Adding a hybrid between your manually placed world and randomly generated one.

- Also, for improve exploring feeling, making a map crafteable and some sort of minigame like this:

First, you create some mini images for some "key positions" like the bunkers at first, the red elevator at 2nd stage etc... Then you make a "basic white map" to be crafteable in-game, and leave players complete it. So if you see a rare cave or a good bunker to be protected in there, you mark it with an icon. Then when players passes all environments can get a rough view of his "explorer talent" comparing your perfect map, with his completed map...

- Also making a story, or some type of narration between environments would be cool, and adding to it some hand made draws about the character would be cool too...

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