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An anime styled RPG inspired by JRPG classics from the Playstation era like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, and Persona.


  • Toggable combat mode that allows for strategic Turn Based combat similar to Final Fantasy 10, or a more decision intensive ATB system found in classics like Final Fantasy 7.
  • Beautiful anime styled character designs both 3D and 2D.
  • Professional voice acting that helps bring the story to life.
  • An epic saga delivered in episodes so that you can get the story sooner rather than waiting years between games.


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Soul Saga Kickstarter Victory


Holy cow, that was a crazy month! It took quite a lot of effort to break out of my nerd shell and put my face and emotions out there for the world to judge upon, but it was all worth it! We ended the Kickstarter at almost $200,000! The Kickstarter funds have already started to come in, though it can take up to a month for all transactions to be taken care of. I'm going to be doing my best to make sure Soul Saga is as good as it can be with the budget and time that I have to get it done. I have no doubt in my mind that it will only get better with each new game as well!
Art Contest
It was super fun to go through and see everyone's awesome Soul Saga pictures! I am honored that you have spent so much energy to bring the characters of Soul Saga to life in your unique styles! I have decided on the the 3 winners, and will make an official post about it tomorrow.

Writing Contest

I will be sending out a release form early next week ( or sooner ) that will allow my to read your writing entries. I currently haven't been able to read any without this signed, though. I'm excited to get in and read all of your creative stories! Please keep an eye out for the release form. =)


YouTube Live

I gave YouTube Live a little whirl yesterday. It seemed to be alright, but it's definitely a different type of environment than Twitch gives us. YouTube's chat room doesn't seem to be live, though it updates often on my screen, and it has at least a 1 minute delay in it's stream. This can make it feel a bit less personal I think, but I am mostly interested in YouTube's monetizing features that allow us to profit a little bit from the streams. However, I'm not really sure how much we'd be able to profit from it with only 50-100 people watching. I think for a month we will try out YouTube live to get a feeling for it and see how it goes. Even if it's only able to bring in an extra $50 a month for Soul Saga, that can add up to quite a bit over time to help pad a little bit of development. Also, there seems to be issues with some people not being able to view Twitch, so this may help them get into the loop better!

Next Live Stream

With that said, I would like to try doing our first YouTube Live stream this Saturday ( July 20th ) at 3 p.m. Pacific. If you guys like the experience, then we can continue doing it, but if there is an extremely strong urge to go back to twitch, then we can do that as well. Preferably we can all work together to find a way to make YouTube live work, though.

Please Subscribe!

Please subscribe to Disastercake's YouTube channel here:

This will allow you to keep in the loop with all of the future Developer Diaries and Let's Plays!

Development Plan

I have a very detailed development plan, and I would like to share the outline with you.

The Large View:

  1. Create Characters, Environments, and Music
  2. Start prototype coding (Beta Starts here)
  3. Start Level Design
  4. Start content coding
  5. Get Sound Effects
  6. Get Voice Acting
  7. Polish it all up
  8. Release on PC/Linux/Mac
  9. Implement any changes based on feedback
  10. Port to PS4
  11. Port to PS Vita
  12. Port to WiiU

A look into Character Creation:

  1. Create concept art
  2. Model character
  3. Rig and Animate character

Each one of these 3 character creation steps requires a different artist. Each will be working parallel to each other to help hasten the pipeline. In addition, the environmental concept art will be started as soon as the first character concept is created.

Developer Diary Frequency

During the next 30 to 45 days I will mostly be nailing out story elements and officially scheduling and lining up artists. During this time there won't be much to report on, so I will mostly just be announcing small things like Let's Play schedules.

Afterwards, we'll start delving into the art creation, which I will then have a little more to show, but most of the art I will be keeping under the cover for you to be surprised when the game is released. This will still remain at small, weekly updates.

Once the beta begins, you will start getting a LOT of news, most likely several times a week. This is because I'll be able to jump in and start getting my own hands dirty with code and adjusting elements based on your feedback. That news frequency will most likely continue throughout the beta and into Soul Saga's release.

Thank You!

I want to thank you again for supporting Soul Saga and allowing me to bring this story to life! I can't wait to get started! Once I nail out more contracts with artists I can give you a better deadline on when I am expecting things to get done. Until then... see ya at the Live Stream!

Soul Saga's Kickstarter is over $10,000!

Soul Saga's Kickstarter is over $10,000!

2 years ago News 21 comments

Soul Saga is starting off the 3rd day of the Kickstarter with over $10,000!

Soul Saga's Kickstarter Launches!

Soul Saga's Kickstarter Launches!

2 years ago News 23 comments

Soul Saga's Kickstarter is now live! If you're interested in JRPGs, this is a Kickstarter you may want to be a part of!

Soul Saga – Update 13 – Meet Taro and The Toki

Soul Saga – Update 13 – Meet Taro and The Toki

2 years ago News 8 comments

Soul Saga's Kickstarter video is 100% finished, and hopefully the Kickstarter will be able to launch by Saturday! Also, here's Taro and his Toki brethren...

Soul Saga – Update 12 – Meet Elise and Max

Soul Saga – Update 12 – Meet Elise and Max

2 years ago News 7 comments

Two more of Soul Saga's cast as revealed: Elise the engineer and Max the robot!

Post comment Comments  (50 - 60 of 110)
Guest Mar 16 2013 says:

Hey disastercake, what brought me to your game was actually a post on how you got into being able to make games. Although Im still in the troubled stage, where all I know how to make is terrain, im still working hard at it. You inspire me to keep trying actually, anyway enough of the fanboy, were you good at art before you started? or did u take classes.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Disastercake Creator
Disastercake Mar 16 2013 replied:

I'm really glad I can help inspire you to work on your passions. =) Have you seen my post on about the steps I took to learn how to program in Unity? They may be helpful to you if you wanted to get into the scripting part.

I actually am not an artist. I commission out various people to work on the base artwork. I saved up money for quite a while, and then dumped it all on Soul Saga to make my dream game in a style I and others can really enjoy. The artists I have worked with were all self taught and did not receive special training for it.

I wish I was an artist, but I lack any patience for creating art from scratch. What I do is the programming and technical art. Technical art (by my definition) is doing things such as creating a skeletal rig for the animator to use, and then skinning the 3D model to that rig. I also spent countless hours editing the human models so that they could be used properly in the character customization. I also do a bit of graphic design by taking the images and composing them together in various ways, like the social networking buttons on

I am completely self taught when it comes to programming. My degree is in Business. I decided to go that route because I wanted to make sure that I could keep my passion of creating fun games a financial reality. I often drift away with absurd expectations for the game, and I think the business side of my brain is important to keep around to help level those dreams into reasonable goals. They're still very high goals after getting reorganized, but at least they're achievable.

Feel free to post any questions, and good luck in your studies in game development!

+2 votes   reply to comment
A-Frique Mar 15 2013 says:

Must say it looks great so far. :) Sounds like it's going to be really good.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Disastercake Creator
Disastercake Mar 15 2013 replied:

Thanks A-Frisque! Please keep me updated on your impressions as the game progresses. =)

+1 vote   reply to comment
A-Frique Mar 17 2013 replied:

So far I am really liking the character designs (as seen on your dev diary posts.) Both enemies and heroes are interesting and distinct - you and your artists did some great work on that but overall the game is also sounding awesome. Will keep watching and commenting. :)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Disastercake Creator
Disastercake Mar 17 2013 replied:

Thank you very much A-Frique! I'm looking forward to what you think about future updates. =)

+2 votes   reply to comment
Disastercake Creator
Disastercake Mar 15 2013 says:

Does anyone happen to know how I can subscribe to get e-mails or alerts whenever someone makes a post on the ModDB Soul Saga page? I love talking with you guys, so I'd like to get into an alert system so I can respond faster!

+1 vote   reply to comment
moddlord1 Mar 9 2013 says:

waz up! looking very cool going to track this.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Disastercake Creator
Disastercake Mar 9 2013 replied:

Thanks moddlord1! I'm glad you like what you see so far. Please keep in touch and let me know what you think of future updates. =)

+2 votes   reply to comment
aurelius13 Mar 8 2013 says:

Is there a possibilty of having a co-op mode?

+3 votes     reply to comment
Disastercake Creator
Disastercake Mar 8 2013 replied:

I really wanted to add one in. I thought it would be really fun to adventure with a friend through the randomly generated world and story. If a miracle happens with the Kickstarter funding I will look into adding networking. If not this time, then I definitely plan to look into it for later expansions to Soul Saga to add it eventually.

+2 votes   reply to comment
aurelius13 Mar 8 2013 replied:

Glad to hear about that. It's also good to know that this game's still alive and progressing. Soul Saga's the reason why I constantly check ModDB

+3 votes     reply to comment
Disastercake Creator
Disastercake Mar 8 2013 replied:

I promise you won't be seeing anymore silence from me. =D Thank you very much for keeping in touch. It's very motivational to know there are fans!

+2 votes   reply to comment
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