This game looks like Pokemon. You can battle trainers, fight against wild Sonymons and many more advantures can be explored in this game. But beware for the legendary Sonymon "CHAOS" There is a small chance you'll see this Sonymon in wild.

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Alright here's the thing, I have given this game a low rating BUT it doesn't have to be low. If you put more effort into a proper and art development then message me. Because this is one of the best concepts for a psp game I've seen (That isn't a port of another game), I suggest a loose story because this is a Pokemon remake i assume you'd want to put together a loosely confining one so you can take more freedoms with the level and artwork design,however don't skip over storyline and just leave a thin veil of garbage because that's the story for the game. The story is going o be there the whole time while the art and levels won't. This is a good concept, Make it a great game.

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