Battle, befriend, and travel the Sonymon... Beware for the legendary Sonymon "CHAOS" There is a small chance you'll see this Sonymon in wild. New project, new ideas, new plans.. This game will turn out different than expected.. *PAGE IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED*

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Anywhere [OLD] Someone to animate our logo at MODOKA

someone to animate our logo modoka anywhere artists hello everyone, for trailer, and game purposes, we need to have our logo animated. currently, our logo looks like this: (we'll send a hq .png file of the image) if there is anyone who would like to help us with this problem, please contact us by emailing us. thanks

Anywhere [OLD] Artist for App icons at MODOKA

artist for app icons modoka anywhere artists hello everybody, we are currently in need for someone who is good at creating 120px icons to show in the google play store, our website and of course the main menu on android devices. we do have some icons, but most of them need an updated version. if you want to help out, that would be great! thank you

Anywhere [OLD] Video Editor at MODOKA

video editor modoka anywhere artists with some of our free applications and games coming soon to the google play store, we hope to receive help from some talented video editors to create game trailers or announce trailers. since our apps are provided for free in the google play store, with no ads whatsoever, we don't have an income, therefore we are not able to pay professional video editors. but we want to give our fans still something awesome to look forward to, when they are watching our videos. so if you have experience with making game trailers, that will be shown in the google play store, youtube, and on desura sites itself. please send me a pm, or contact us on the email below. thank you very much!

Anywhere [OLD] Artist / Sprite re-designer at MODOKA

artist / sprite re-designer modoka anywhere artists hello there! we are searching for free artist that can help us with redesigning sprites. we have some non-professional looking sprites, but we want to update those. since i can not redesign those myself, i was hoping for someone else to help me with it. so if you're interested in helping this project, and helping us, that would be very nice. for any information of what to redesign, and stuff, you can always send me a pm, and i'll respond as soon as possible. thank you, fouad

Anywhere [OLD] Artist for promotional posters, wallpapers, logos etc. at MODOKA

artist for promotional posters, wallpapers, logos etc. modoka anywhere artists we would like to get some help from someone who's experienced at making promotional posters for (indie) games, or wallpapers and logo's and such. so far we don't have anyone who is good at making these things, and it would be nice to get some help from that. are you willing to help? thank you for reading

Anywhere [OLD] Sprite Editor (3D Look) at MODOKA

sprite editor (3d look) modoka anywhere artists hello, and thanks for watching. we are currently looking for a sprite editor who can create great sprites that looks like it is in 3d for the characters. this will mainly be for the psp homebrew game called mario kart psp. many fans have been waiting for a more "detailed" characters, and we at lumodokate studios are trying to give it to them. this game has only received one sprite update and that was almost 2 years ago. so if you feel like giving the fans what they want, we would be more than happy to get your help. for more questions or screenshots feel free to mail me. thanks

Anywhere [OLD] Sprite Editor at MODOKA

sprite editor modoka anywhere artists i need someone to help me with smoothing up some sprites for the game sonymon. these sprites need to look more cooler and less pixelated. the one who helps with this will be thanked in the credits.. for some examples you can view some screenshots in the projects url, and for more you can download the file: go to: img\sonymon go to: img\sprites the project is non-profit so i have nothing else to offer but my thanks, and you username in the credits...

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