A turn-based grand strategy game in space: Defend Earth against an alien invasion from the edge of the Solar System. Negotiate with the various governments of Earth and secure their support - One way or the other. Establish your bases on other planets to take the fight to the enemy. Design and build powerful spaceships, then take them into battle.

RSS feed Cedo33 says
8 Cedo33

Aug 13th, 2013 3 people agree 0 people don't

Quite a good game here. But quite expensive for old school graphics.

+ Techno-tree
+ Designing own ships
+ The map
+ tactical battles
+ No bug

--- graphics (i don't really mind btw but others would)
- Officer's management quite difficult to understand and handle
- price

Captiva says
8 Captiva

Apr 5th, 2013 1 person agrees 0 people don't

I have sunk a good 10 hours or more into this game so far, and I like where it is going.
Since it clearly isn't about graphics, I hope the Dev puts in more choices to flesh out the RPG like feel such as allowing demotion/firing of officers, more random "events" where you have choices that affect your fleets and officers, Slightly less linear tech tree to allow more strategic options maybe have a branching tree affected by choices made so you don't have all techs in one playthrough.

So far it is a solid base of a game that most strategy fans will enjoy, and hopefully will only get better. Price is a little steep for this type of Indie game but if the game continues in the direction it has, the game will be well worth the price.

Kevdogg says
8 Kevdogg

Aug 29th, 2013

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LegendaryNuk says
8 LegendaryNuk

Jun 3rd, 2013

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edgley says
8 edgley

Dec 7th, 2012

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andretmzt says
8 andretmzt

Nov 18th, 2012

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serinis says
8 serinis

Oct 17th, 2012

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Criton40 says
8 Criton40

Oct 14th, 2012

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