Slender - The Final Night. A game where Horror, Dark lights, and Slenderman, come together and make one great horror game for everyone. There are many levels to play, so play now! Or know that without putting up a fight with the Slenderman, your next. Slender - The Final Night Play now! This game may be archived soon. Give me a reason why I shouldn't in the comments below, to make this game stay up!

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1 AudioGhostX

May 5th, 2013 9 people agree 1 person doesn't

Ok, so, here we go. A 100% honest review, from someone who has played lot's of games, both AAA and Indie games. This game, is horrible. I started by opening the game finding the default Unity launcher common with many indie games. Started the game, came to a horrible menu with 2 "buttons". One said something like Run Away, which I suggest you do, and the second said Play. Then you get placed on a screen with a selection of maps. I chose Day, since it was the first. I then am placed in a game full of extreme motion blur, music taken from previous slender games, copy and pasted trees which btw are all animated, lime green default unity grass, and random locations. I went to a house, and to test how well the game was made, I walked up to a wall. As I assumed, I glitched straight through the wall, so I could see outside the house. Anyway, got 2 massive pages, with horrible bright pinkish red "blood" on them, probably created in MS Paint. Then I saw Slenderman. After staring at him for a second so he could save me from the awful extreme motion blur, a little message appeared saying he apparently "killed" me, and to exit the game (can't go back to menu) I must Alt-F4.... So I gave it another try, and played the map named after the game. I am again placed in a generic forest where I only see 2 land marks, a house that you start in, and a random giant somewhat destroyed building. I then found it more interesting to go over the poorly textured giant meteors that hit the earth around you (or were those hills?) and jump off the edge of the map, where I fell until eventually pressing Alt-F4. This is basically a poorly made generic wanna-be horror game, made with a "trial version" as it says in the bottom right corner of Unity. It is in no way better than the other 1000 slender based games, and is in fact slightly worse. The graphics were horrible ( intense motion blur and animated trees arent good ), wasn't scary or creepy, and is not worth the 250 MB download.

IAmAWallet says
1 IAmAWallet

Apr 29th, 2013 7 people agree 0 people don't

Unadulterated ****! The use of Copyrighted images is just not cool... you really need to stop making games for a while then make an original game.

Isaiahere says
6 Isaiahere

Apr 2nd, 2013 4 people agree 1 person doesn't

Needs a 32-bit version because 64-bit crashes if you try to run it with the primary graphics processor.

/ADC says
1 /ADC

Aug 9th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

I really don't wanna be a dickheadino over here, but this game is TERRIBLE! I have no idea what to say, there's everything wrong with this game.


Szamer says
6 Szamer

Apr 2nd, 2013 1 person agrees 5 people don't

It's a great game the only thing that is wrong with it is the stairs.

stannyboy says
10 stannyboy

Aug 15th, 2013

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InriveX says
2 InriveX

Jul 23rd, 2013

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St.Member says
1 St.Member

Jun 26th, 2013

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GamingEfficient says
1 GamingEfficient

May 23rd, 2013

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rama123 says
1 rama123

May 15th, 2013

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