When the islands first rose from the planet's surface, we were terrified. Some called it the end of times. Others sought to arm themselves against some invisible threat. Years have passed since that amazing time, and we have grown accustomed to these floating giants above our heads; many of us have even made our homes upon their soil. But time is always changing that which we take for granted. The world is picking up speed again, and changes are once again coming to our small world. Skykick is a full 3d strategy game, with players maneuvering small numbers of aircraft via intuitive flight path controls, with the aim of course being to shoot down their opponent. Ships range in scale from small, single person fighters, to multi-hundred foot long cruisers and battleships.

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Pilot concept
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Wait, was it nessarcary to tell us heshe is a herm?

Any way looking great :D

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InvertedVantage Author

I think it makes herhim more interesting. :)

Thanks for the compliment. :D

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InvertedVantage Author

Also, I think it highlights the idea that this creature may have been purposefully modified to have both parts; perhaps it's easier to breed them rapidly if all members of the species are capable of the same reproductive abilities.

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Kind of inverse to the Genophage for Krogan in ME -- it does seem kind of appropriate for a race that needs to reproduce quickly. In John Scalzi's Fuzzy Nation, the Fuzzies were also hermaphrodites.

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InvertedVantage Author

Cool, yea, that's a cool way of describing it, Paradigmthefallen. :)

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Developing a pilot character to model for the game. I'm copy/pasting some of the story ideas I'm working with right now. :)

Try to imagine the most terrible way a species could use to colonize a planet; the most

painful, traumatic way possible, and then write about the results of that learning to move


For instance, if we have GMOs that were essentially slave labor, caged and programmed via

instinct to work fields to support those that are equally as capable of working those fields.
These GMOs would be for the most part ignored, spat on, and thought of as cheap disposable

machinery, or they would be kept as mere possessions, trifles to be cast aside at the meerest

mention of something newer.

These GMOs were let lose into the wild in the calamity, when it all went away. They were at

some point concious of the injustice of their situation, and now with freedom granted they

went away to try and learn what to do about it.

When they came back, they were strange. Some apppeared to have human skeletal structures; others looked as similar to you as a dog.

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