Designed as a classic tycoon game, Ski Park Tycoon is a ski resort simulation game that will put your strategic thinking skills and creativity to the test. Featuring sophisticated micromanagement, the campaign mode offers a variety of exciting missions that take at least 15 hours to complete. Enjoy the highly addictive gameplay while the sandbox mode for unlimited playability will keep you entertained long after you accomplish your last mission.

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Nov 22 2012 Anchor

After installing the last update i can no longer zoom with the middle mouse button and also movement with the mouse does not work correctly (when you press left mouse it and swipe it only moves like 1 cm). Also after I installed the update it asked me to create a new profile, after that I could change to my usual profile. (also tested this in the newly created profile same problems).

Nov 23 2012 Anchor

Hi, did you try to set mouse controls in options again?

Nov 23 2012 Anchor

I changed the slider a little bit and now its back to normal, strange ;).

I also got some features request maybe you make them happen:
- Be able to create a ski village (Like building hotels and apartments)
- Night, now just everyone disappear. Would be nice if the lift would close and people are going to there hotel
- Bigger maps with a more realistic layout, like there is a village on 1000meter high then you can build some big cable cars to like 2200 meter and then you have some chair lifts to higher place (2500-3000meter) and to places father away from the village(Maybe i just not find you right sandbox map yet haven't tried them all)

Also some smaller features request ;) because I realize above a probable big changes:
- More realistic entry to the lifts (now they just fly into the lift and they also get in the lift when its still going down)
- Something that i never have seen in any ski tycoon game is slowing down lifts, you get in a cable car when its going as fast as when its not in the station;)
- Be able to set speed of the lift (With higher speed comes higher costs or something), i have the feeling some lifts are so slow you can never reach the other end of the park if have a big skipark
- allow longer t-bar and corners, I have been in many ski resorts in my life and they always have (or had) long t-bar lifts and some of them have a corner (Not a sharp turn ofc)

Also have noticed some annoying bugs:
- When creating a slope and connecting it to a lift there is only a very very very ting spot where you can click on the lift (also when just trying to select the lift) so most of the time it takes me 5 minutes to selected the end of the slope.
- When in free ride you can't enter the lifts, the help says you have to press left mouse button but i tried clicking everywhere nothing works;) (Maybe related to the first problem)

Well this are just things I would like to ski in a ski game, but thank you anyway for creating a new ski park game in a very long time :)

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Nov 24 2012 Anchor

I am glad your mouse problem was fixed.

Thank you for your suggestions. I will keep them in mind.

I guess I could easily do the slowing down of a lift in a station, change lift speed with upgrades (I think it was a plan only I forgot to implement it) and increase max. length of Tbar.

When you build slopes its better to turn on cursor snap function (in Display options) Than you can select objects easily.
To get on a lift in free ride - you must ski close enough to lift lower station, then click on it.

Nov 24 2012 Anchor

I'm standing almost in the lift station and i cant click on it ;).

Also noticed a bug just know, when is fast speed the following problems appear:
- Helicopters are getting stuck in the air (Turning in circles)
- People are going down with the cable car (they don't get out at the top)
- The Arial tram is not picking op any people

Also maybe you can add that people can go both ways with the Arial tram (Would be handy if you are connecting 2 different parts of the ski area).

Nov 26 2012 Anchor

This problem is probably caused by low FPS. Lower the graphic detail.

Nov 28 2012 Anchor

skiparktycoon wrote: This problem is probably caused by low FPS. Lower the graphic detail.

Oke well, din't notice any lag or something. Also got i7-3770K with 16GB mem and an NVIDIA 660TI, think that should be good enough to run high setting detail ;)
Also I'm running this game on my SSD but loading times of maps are very long.

Nov 29 2012 Anchor

OK, I see. I will take a look at it. And yes, loading time is rather long, its the AI map calculation that takes some time.

Dec 24 2012 Anchor

Just installed the last update, nice work on the slowing down of the lifts and entering the lifts also looks much better :). Only the T-Bar still looks funny because they go down hill a around the corner the first bit ;)
For the chairlifts you could make the cheaper ones not slow down in the station (which makes it less comfortable), also I see that the double chair lift is slowing down in the top station but that should not be possible because there is only a wheel so it stays on the same cable and the cable keeps the same speed of course :)

Maybe for a big update you can redo the stations and you should add an extra type of lift post like this: because the lines are now entering the station at a strange angle and that should always be straight.

And for the station if you make something like day/night and the lift closes at night, the lifts should get of the line and and go in the station (So you need are larger station). Only for the gondola and more expensive chair lifts :)

Also noticed you changed the weather effect. But the next day on one of my saves all snow was gone ;) that's kinda fast I think

And maybe you can add 6 and 8 person chair lifts, if you get a lot of people in the park you always have to build a lot of cable cars but that is not very realistic. Most ski resorts only have a few cable cars (mostly starting at the bottom of the ski resort to take as many people from there hotels up the maintain in the morning), and other busy location have 8 or 6 person chair lifts.

Would be nice if you could start a new slope somewhere on an existing slope, you don't always want to start a slope from the end of a lift. Sometimes I want to make a path from the lift and then they can choose like right and left which will end up at 2 different lifts.

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Dec 25 2012 Anchor

Whoa, thats a lot of ground to cover. I cant promise to all the suggestions will become reality. But...
1) double chairlift will not slow down
2) I plan 6 and 8 chairlift
3) you CAN start a new slope in the middle of existing slope (its better to turn on cursor snap for this)

Dec 26 2012 Anchor

Haha ;) Yes I realize it a lot. I always played the other ski resort games and I don't really care about the money aspect, just want to build a nice park with good slopes and make the skiers happy :). Now I can finally place my wishes for a great game somewhere ^^
Maybe you can take a look at the game Ski Resort Extreme sometime, I like it much better how they did the snow cannons in there.

Yesterday I could not select cursor snap, will try it again now to start a slope in the middle of existing slope. Edit: Yes it works :)

Oh and can you maybe add a field save date in the load saves screen, I always forget which one I saved last.

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