Sirius Online is a Freelancer-inspired MMO, garnished with a grain of EVE and a self-evolving universe. Combat your friends, harvest ores and explore the outer rims of the Sirius systems. But beware - not every player is a friendly one. Sirius Online is, as the name says, an Online Game and requires an internet connection. Enjoy the Mouse/Keyboard controls of classics like Starlancer, Elite and Freelancer in a fresh and new Universe to explore and populate.

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And so it began. A journey to the stars. Sirius Online Beta 2 Version 0.5. I started working on a high motivation lately thanks to your massive support! If you keep up the visiting and Ranking of this game - Who knows what will happen :)

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Sirius Online Version 0.5

It's coming along on the fast lane. Very fast. You know whose fault this is? Yours. I've been shattered with how many people like this project. Than for this I want to say THANK YOU!

Now, as we speak... or better, as you read, I'm currently at the following things for 0.5:
- Planets and Atmospheric flight *scratched due to unforeseen bug*
- (Trailer Only) Scripted NPC Fleets
- Planetary Rings
- A full, 80-System Universe.
- IRC Chat
- A Voiced Tutorial
so, keep the Karma coming :)

On another note: I think about getting this Game finally funded for launch, i.e. getting a server, the databases, pay a few people to map the models, and get some advertising. How far would you, the IndieDB-Users think, I'd have a chance? What Platform would you recommend?

Whats a feature you'd really like to see?


I would love to give you an answer but I don't really know what YOUR goal is. Do you want to make a living off the game? Is it a labor of love that you will maintain out of pocket and on donations?

Are you going for a nitch game or are you going for the ever popular(with publishers anyway) mass appeal route?


Just my own greedy desires? I'd love to see it as a persistent multilayer myself. By that I mean instead of trying to make the game that will support thousands all at once focus or a deep and rich universe that can support 60-200 people at once and continue running.

Doesn't matter if individual server hosting for the game has to go through you or you release it with the sale of the client... I think letting people build their own little communities where you can actually know all the people and have a real impact.. I think it would be popular. Not just with me. :p

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vektorDex Author

Well, to be honest, it would be a dream if i could make a living off the game, it's somewhat my lifes' dream.

Sirius is definitely going the 'niche' way, with a target audience of 200-500 players, which is quite optimistic, but doable in my opinion. I think you got a good point with a deep and rich universe.

The server will be exclusively hosted by me, and you can get together with your friends in Org(anisation)s, the equivalent of Guilds/Corps/Clans in Sirius. Also you can claim territory with your Org then. So you actually can have an impact if you or your or are the first to reach the Techlevel to create a Battleship or such.

Thank you for your comment!

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Well if you are going nitch... I would also love a space game where ships aren't disposable. Well at least beyond the starter ship. I would love for them to be expensive as heck. Have lots of components that can be upgraded or switched with things that are scattered about at varying cost and rarity.

Im talking expensive enough that people playing for a year might have three to five nice ships. If they are very good, very dedicated, and very lucky. And not spending their earnings elsewhere. On things such as orgs, stations, blah blah. And keeping much more than that as an individual would be too costly and just unreasonable.

Too many space games have disposable ships. Or ships that will respawn with you! lol Sort of sad. How do you get invested in something like that? How do you get attached to your ship and take pride in it? And yes.. I personally like it to down right hurt if I lose a ship. Thats what I like anyways.

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vektorDex Author

I thought about the following:
At the beginning, nothing is available except the few civilian ships (beginner-stuff).
Earned XP from Mining, Researching and Combat can be used either to advance your own character or to do a global research for better ships. This still doesn't unlock the ships, they have to be built first. So, get your friends in miner ships and carry those resources on into a station that is capable of building ships of a certain techlevel or even build it in your own Org-HQ. However should you be killed in that ship - its gone. So you either have to be careful about combatting in a ship you cant replace money or resourcewise or have a very strong industrial org behind you.

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