Heather (Silent Hill 3) is happy horror has ended. But when she's back in her apartment strange things are going on again. May the horror return? "Silent Hill: a tale of silence" is a point and click adventure in Silent Hill style. It's more an homage and a parody instead of a serious game. Currently all graphics, sounds and stuff are temporary because it's still in test state.

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Silent Hill A tale Of Silence is a fan made game that will take you many an hour to complete. Although the developer refers to this game as an "engine test" it is anything but, it has several characters plenty of lines of dialogue interactive puzzles. And truly amazing graphics for a fan made game, not to mention an impressive user interface.
This is a point and click adventure game where you take on the role of heather. The twist is that this game has a very bizarre and highly amusing sense of humour yet it still manages to capture the atmosphere of Silent Hill.
The point and click style gameplay is actually alarmingly similar to that of silent hill, interacting with objects and combining them to solve puzzles and progress.
One of your earliest tasks is to take a shower and to do this you need to listen to some music for some reason, and to do that you need that you need to fix your portable radio and find a battery for it. Once this is done you get your first glimpse at how wierd this game's sense of humour really is.
After a while you'll end up back in Silent Hill. You'll see the true power of this home brew engine at work as you explore the rooms and corridors, your cursor is now a flashlight and you can see that classic film grain effect used.
You'll see all kinds of details on the walls such as bloodstains and every object looks great in this game a lot of craft when into making this game.
In this game you Will have a handful of puzzles to solve such as stopping a ventilator fan, to finding the code a locked door. You will come across some completely unpredictable scenes of humour that make this game both unique and unmissable.
There are several different endings based upon your actions, and I think a lot of that may be determined by this final scene which actually works rather well. You'd think that having the protagonists from both Silent Hill 2 and 3 in the same room would make no sense but their interaction is surprisingly touching.


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The game was very well done. Not only am I a huge fan of the Silent Hill series but I also started my adventures in the Survival Horror Genre playing a point and click game known as Clock Tower. After seeing this was a point and click version of my favorite game in the SH series I played it immediately and so far it has not disappointed. The game adds so many cool little homages to the original game and the series overall that are just fun to encounter, it makes you want to play more just to see what else you can find. I can't wait to finish the game, you should try it out for yourselves.


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