Siege of Inaolia, The first game from Riftwalker Ltd, intends to put survival games on the map by offering a refined and fresh experience in the form of a game that pays heavy attention to story as well as a high replay value by means of dynamic combat, a game that promotes skill over spam while remaining easy to pick up. Set in the Dark Fantasy world of Ilastria, a world plagued by wars and magic as well as the orcs and their kin, you control one of three unlikely heroes in their struggle to survive within the ancient fortress of Inaolia, a task that they soon come to learn, has the very fate of the world in the balance.

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5 DStar7

Jun 10th, 2015

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mygameritis says
7 mygameritis

Jan 7th, 2014

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miya_t says
10 miya_t

Dec 10th, 2013

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10 ExampleGamer

Dec 5th, 2013

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7 Barmage

Dec 3rd, 2013

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5 Ammy_9

Dec 1st, 2013

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Eoicx says
8 Eoicx

Nov 30th, 2013

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8 jackma

Nov 21st, 2013

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10 akis-storyline

Nov 16th, 2013

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dresura7 says
9 dresura7

Nov 14th, 2013

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