Seventh Crystal Of Theia (SCOT) is an epic First Person adventure/puzzle/action game a la Uncharted/Tomb Raider, developed in Unity 5 Pro by Roland Strålberg (programming), Chris Van Wijmeersch (2D/3D artist) and Julian Schuller (music composer). The story: 'Celly, a young European woman, is having great and well deserved holidays at the Fillipines. But those good times get suddenly disrrupted when she gets an emergency call by one of her parents. She immediatly returns with her personnal aircraft to her folks' place. Unfortunaly, her plane crashes somewhere in the Middle Eastern desert on the way back. While investigating her new surroundings, she gets attacked by mutants, and finds evidence of an organization that has plans to take over the world, using seven magical crystals to summon an evil Ancient God. She really needs to find a way to return home. What's also frustrating Celly, is the fact that this Satanic Sect uses the same mark as the tattoo on her shoulder...'

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