Seventh Crystal Of Theia (SCOT) is a Fantastical adventure/puzzle game with action and a great storyline a la Uncharted/Tomb Raider, developed in Unity 5 Pro by Chris Van Wijmeersch (2D/3D artist/project manager/level design/programming/musician) and Julian Schuller (music composer).


...For a very long time, all was peaceful and serene in the land called Escion. There was prosperity, health and happiness in the land, kept intact by the force of the Seven Crystals of Theia.

These magical crystals were kept under a spell by Theia, the Goddess of Light, to prevent Evil entities from using their powers and spread chaos and evil...

But Khronos, half brother of Theia, didn't like peace and serenity. He was nefarious and malicious. Drawn by the dark side. His only goal was to rule over the world and turn it into a horrid dark place...

One night, Khronos used his dark witchcraft powers to summon an evil creature to visit Theia. This creature could shapeshift and turn into any desired form. During Theia's sleep, the entity entered her bedroom and transformed into a slimegreen gas like substance. Theia was unaware that she was inhaling the malicious substance in her sleep, causing her to become weaker and weaker untill she was in a deep coma...

Theia had no more control over the spell that shielded the Seven Crystals and Khronos used this to his advantage to transform the world into the darkest place ever...

However, Khronos did not know that Theia had a half sister, named Alissa. Alissa grew up in secrecy by a group of Monks loyal to Theia. They taught Alissa how to defend herself, with barehands and weapons, and how to cast magic spells.

It was at the age of 20 that the Monks told Alissa about what happened to Theia, and so she swore to take revenge...

Game Features:


  • Third person 3D adventure/puzzle, similar to Tomb Raider and Uncharted type of games.
  • Walk, run, jump, climb walls/ladders, wall ledge strafing, gravity, platforming
  • Solve easy to challenging puzzles: logic puzzles, realtime physics puzzles, trigger puzzles, etc...
  • Enemy fighting: kill a variety of mystical creatures.
  • 'Self-aware' inventory system. Found items will activate/trigger ingame events automatically when player gets within close distance of the appropriate trigger.


  • Powered by Unity 5 Pro. A professionnal game engine that is both powerfull and easy to use,
  • Real-time Global Illumination (powered by Enlighten, used in many AAA games),
  • Physically Based Shading to achieve ultra-realistic materials,
  • High quality textures, detailed models,
  • Cool particle effects used for bullet impacts, dust, fog, mist and more.

Sound and Music:

  • High quality and atmospheric music composed by our very talented music composer Julian Schuller,
  • Unity's powerfull new audio system allows for high quality immersive audio mixing,
  • Realistic sounds used to enhance the gaming experience.


  • Ingame cutscenes unveiling bits of the story.
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Hi all,

It's been rather long since the last update on 'Seventh Crystal Of Theia', but with good reason.

A few things happened the last few months, of which some were not very pleasant. To start with, Roland (whom i started this game project with) left the team for a few reasons, and that came on like a ton of bricks to me. There were a few reasons why he left, which i won't discuss here. Let's just say he wants to do his own thing and do things at his own pace.

And, on top of that, we were going through a merge with another indie dev team, which would have made a total of seven (talented) members, but eventually that too didn't end up as good as hoped.

So, this means...i'm on my own now.

But...fear not! 'Seventh Crystal of Theia' WILL live on! I won't let these setbacks come in the way!

In order to continue with the development of SCOT, i had to make some decissions and changes to the entire project. So, i decided to go back to Unity 5 Pro again, and not Unreal Engine 4.

Also, i'm going back to the roots of what the game was in the earlier versions. This means, an adventure/puzzle/action game in a Fantasy setting with mythical creatures and a bit of magic. And, very important...NO more changes from now on, only progress! :)

YES, this also means that the main character is a female again! LOL

So far, i'm having really excellent results in Unity 5 Pro, using advanced PBR shaders for both assets, characters and terrain. There's also a full day/night system implemented, with weather fx.

The character can already do various actions (climbing, fighting with sword, interaction with the world like pulling switches, pipe climbing, ledge walking, inventory, health system, fall damage, ledge walking, and more...).

And, the 3D Coat/Zbrush to Unity art workflow gives me excellent results.

So, in a nutshell...'Seventh Crystal Of Theia' is back, and better than ever!

I will try to update as soon and as much as possible, with news, screenshots and whenever possible vids. For now, you'll have to settle with a few screens, though. ;-)

Please, do not hesitate to comment!

'Till later,


SCOT   Start   001

SCOT   Start   002

SCOT   Start   003

SCOT   Start   004

SCOT   Start   005

SCOT   Start   006

SCOT   Start   008

SCOT   Start   007

SCOT   Start   010

SCOT   Start   009

Seventh Crystal Of Theia in Unity 5 beta.

Seventh Crystal Of Theia in Unity 5 beta.

News 4 comments

Converting 'Seventh Crystal Of Theia' to the new and improved Unity 5 beta. The engine now uses Global Illumination (Enlighten) used in many AAA games...

We need YOU! Spew your ideas for the game now!

We need YOU! Spew your ideas for the game now!

News 0 comments

We want YOUR puzzle idea in our game! Send us your ideas, and get it implemented in Seventh Crystal Of Theia, including your name in the Credits and a...

Latest news you need to know about the game.

Latest news you need to know about the game.

News 2 comments

Important changes to make the game development better, enhanced visuals, introducing a new member to our team, and other interesting topics you need to...

Lots of great gameplay and visual improvements!

Lots of great gameplay and visual improvements!

News 4 comments

Latest news: gameplay and visuals have been improved by a factor of 1000! You can read about all the improvements and cool features here!

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Seventh Crystal Of Theia - Wallpaper

Seventh Crystal Of Theia - Wallpaper

Wallpapers 0 comments

Image that can be used for your desktop wallpaper. Size is 1920 x 1080, png format. :)

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ChrisVW Creator

Thank you, Katabelle! Awesome to get some female attention! And thanks for the private message. Will reply very soon. ;-)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Some clever fixed cameras travelling on some platform passages would be lot more appreciated perhaps.

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Great news.

On last two images , the character seems incredibly small, the grass is as tall as it, and trees somewhat also, seems some scalling problem appreciation.
The floor texture seems not enought detailled, perhaps scaling up the model will correct that.
For the gameplay, i hope it will remain some fun simple combat action ?
Why not Zelda like, you enter a room or outdoor arena, the doors clothes, and you have to win before doors re open.

Keep the good work.

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ChrisVW Creator

Thanks a bunch for your great comments/suggestions, supragamer!
Agreed, the character seems too small compared to the vegetation (especially the grass/weed). I've tweaked that, and it looks much better now! :)
I also increased the tiling on some terrain textures, to make the character look less 'miniature'.
Furthermore, the cam can be zoomed in/out, and it will also automatically adjust distance when colliding with surrounding objects.
As for gameplay, yeah...we intend to keep combat action simple, but fun. The cam is always in third person mode, except when in combat (shooting mode), it will change to a first person view.
The Zelda idea is also a good one. ;-)

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Then To Expect Release

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ChrisVW Creator

We have no release date set yet. However, we do hope to have a first demo level ready, either by the end of this year, or at the beginning of next year. Under normal circumstances, that is. ;-)

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Looks pretty interesting.

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ChrisVW Creator

Much appreciated, Arcental! We're quite happy with how things are progressing, and the game looks better and better than before. :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Looking better than ever! Good luck on finishing it :) Are you still interested in some new GUI stuff? I've been really busy recently, but if you are interested, I'll find some time to get the HUD sorted for you.

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ChrisVW Creator

Thanks a bunch, RogoDigital2! :)
Sure, if you find some time, send me an example or get in touch, so we can discuss the details. Thanks! ;-)

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