Eons after the human civilization has crumbled upon itself, its nomadic descendants, known as the Legion of Man, are uncovering long-forgotten knowledge and technology. Devastating weapons help them fight a violent battle for their very existence, against a monstruous enemy, the Beast Horde. A race of beings evolved from the wildlife that survived the apocalyptic wars, they use brute force and the powerful magic of nature to punish the humans.

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I've been playing this game for about 18 months now and it's awesome. Each team has one commander, who plays the game like an RTS and coordinates team strategy. The rest of the team play on the field: mining, building, scouting and fighting (the combat is a combination of shooter and melee). I love the distinct teams (human and beast), the melee combat is the best I have experienced in an online game & the RTS commanding aspect is unique.

Savage gets my 10/10 because it's a game within its totally own category, refined for 7 years and one of the most thrilling games I ever played w/o being too obiviously designed to thrill. Its all about the commander/player teamplay, the situations and the feeling of total control over all your actions. Hard to describe, but easy to get addicted (after the first steps which can be quite demanding)...


Awesome potential for clan matches, with its combined RTS and FPS perspective. Wide variety of tactics for both field players and commanders.

It also has a very helpful community


The skill ceiling of the combat is insane and the solid RTS/FPS blend makes Savage the perfect team game for LAN events and online competition.

PS: djWHEAT talking about the SWC brought me back playing :-)


Very unique concept and combat. I'm experienced at multiplayer FPS, but this is definitely one of the toughest I've ever had the pleasure of playing.


One of the most addictive games I have ever played. I highly recommend it to everybody who likes FPS, RTS and melee oriented games. Savage strongly encourages team work and cooperation between commanders and warriors.



Vastly improved version of the epic cult classic released by S2Games in September 2003. The last official patch came out in January 2004. All further development (EX2, SEP, SFE and XR) since then is fan based. It's a shame S2Games didn't give a **** about their first and greatest game. The Savage Community is amazing!

My first multiplayer love. Still the best game I have ever played.


No other game has hooked me like this one. You can never really ever officially leave this game, it just draws you back, that's how special it's uniqueness is. Please try it and learn, once you've learnt it's one of the best games you'll ever play.

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