Savage 2: A Tortured Soul takes the best of the FPS, RTS, and RPG genres and blends them seamlessly into an extremely addictive and complex experience. Anyone who's seen the game in action knows that each match is full of possibilities for epic moments and amazing displays of skill and strategy. Take the reigns as your team's commander from an overhead RTS perspective with superior strategic insight -- or join them on the field from a mixed action RPG and FPS view with a wide array of powerful classes and carve your path to victory.

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Combines aspects of RTS with third person melee and FPS. Can't wait to get a large enough bunch of people to have a decent go at this.

Savage 2 is a very good game


looks quite fun but unfortunately completely overheats my laptop any time i try to play it...


i love fighting,strategy,and sandbox this has the fighting,strategy aspect dont know about the sandbox though this game is really fun and addicting cant wait for a 3 one

Great game if you like team play and strategy and different things to do.

Two big teams fighting each other with the goal to destroy the enemy main building. Each team has one commander who uses an rts-view to place buildings(to unlock new units and make new spawn locations) and buff players. All the other players fight in a 3rd- or 1st-person-view and a few noobs don't ruin the game that much because of the big teams. Possible to leave and join a running match too.

The fighting is melee-oriented with a good fighting system that consists of hits, blocks, stamina and special skills that use mana and have a cooldown. Also you earn experience and level up in a match(only for that match) and distribute different stats points to customize the units a bit according to your play style. Buyable items like health potions, speed boost items, armor, ... exist too.

Ranged fighting is possible too but does not that much damage and I like this because I am a noob and bad at shooters and not good at aiming. ;-) If you want action and are not good at shooters... try Savage 2!

Each team has 7 units to play. 3 free units that are available from the beginning. One of them a builder-type unit that helps building and repairing buildings. One of them a fighter-unit. And one of them a fast scouting-unit. The other 4 units are: 1 tank/fighter that costs gold which you earn while playing. 1 healer. And 2 siege units(cost gold too) that are primarily used to destroy enemy buildings. This units need to be unlocked with tech buildings that your team needs to build(and you need to destroy the enemy buildings).

Also there are some super-units called hellbourne. Both teams can access them. They need to build a hellshrine and the players can buy them with souls(are earned from killing other players which means not everyone will be good enough to get them).

And lots of possible strategies(backdoors, upkeep) - you will learn them when you play.

Join now! If you are new and need help ask.


I like it, cuz it's for windows, mac and linux.

it's fantastic game +x:-)

Impressive, much more hardcore for me!

BROKEN. Used to work. Now it doesn't.

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