Samphi is primarily a story driven RPG set in a randomly generated, destructible sandbox universe. You will fight across many randomly generated levels, craft, build, level up and collect gear. Most importantly; you play the game how you decide. With 2 game modes, story & freeplay, you can either play through my story or create your own. Story - Samphi is a story about a relationship between 'boy' and 'girl'. Through re-living memories along the timeline of their relationship (all set in sandbox, randomly generated environments) you will learn their story. To do so you will have to master the art of crafting, survival, building and combat. Freeplay - In freeplay mode the world is yours. There is no goal, just sandbox goodness. Create your own world, live your own story and use your skills to survive. Samphi is going to soon be in an alpha funding stage and so you can get a good idea of what the game is going to become and grab yourself an early copy at a discounted price.

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For various personal reasons i have not been developing for the majority of September, so the updates in this video are from what i did before i took a break. Developing is going to resume as normal from now on tho, so next update will be back to normal and on-time.
To say this update shows work from before my break it has some pretty important updates such as adding water to the world (plus sand) and adding a new system to increase the level size my having multiple areas, along with a few minor updates. For a more in-depth explanation of the video head over to my blog!

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