In his fortress of Shaddar-Nur, the necromancer Shaddar, a pariah of the Band of Mages from Mystdale Castle, plans his triumphant return to the world of Ancaria. To strengthen his magic powers, he summons a Sakkara Demon, whose power he will absorb himself. These Sakkara Demons rule over those damned to rot in hell, the undead. Not since the Era of the Gods have any of these creatures set foot in Ancaria, not since the Seraphim army drove them back to their dimension during the Wars of the Gods. However, Shaddar's experiment fails. The Sakkara Demon escapes and turns on his summoner... DRM: Serial Number & Internet Authentication

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Sacred Gold is probably a love or hate affair, be warned.

Either you're engrossed by its specific gameplay, huge map, long story, or you're just put off because you see it as a half-arsed Diablo clone, which it is not. Sacred shares much more with usual ARPGs than Diablo does. Still, it feels a lot like a hack'n'slash.

Sacred Gold sports 8 characters, 5 long chapters and as many sidequests as you'd like to cram into this kind of game (though they're as bland as they come). If you're into ARPGs and/or hack'n'slash, and don't mind judging the game on its own merits, the game is right up your alley. You can be sure you'll get a LOT of bang for your buck.



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