RoboMinion is a 2D puzzle game in a 3D world. The goal of the game is to get the little robot to his destination, the finish tile. There is one problem however, the little robot can only turn to his right, so you have to guide him by placing different types of objects on the map. The are many types of objects to interact with and over 50 maps. If that is not enough, you will be able to create your own maps using the built-in editor and share them with your friends.

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Mar 28 2012 Anchor

This is the only forum, so I guess I'll give feedback here?

The gameplay was very smooth. No bugs or other problems like that.

I felt he rolled a bit slow, both on normal and fast forward.

The lighting on the later levels made it hard to see the level. This didn't make the puzzle better and was just frustrating.

2 levels in a row, I was able to place a cone in front and to the right of the minion and solve the level in under 5 seconds. I'm pretty sure it wasn't supposed to work for either of them.

When I went to exit, there was no way to get back to the main menu? I ended after beating the last level, if that matters.

Why does it take 2 clicks to place something, and why can't I move it afterwards? I think this is just frustrating, and doesn't make the puzzle better. A mis-click means you have to reset all your pieces.

Mar 28 2012 Anchor

Hey there, thanks for your feedback :)

  • The speed issue we have heard several times before, I will try speeding it up in the next release.
  • Lighting is indeed an issue in some maps, and soon I will make a post specifically about this. You see, if you compare the screenshots with the actual game, it has changed a little. The lighting is only in its first pass, so it's probably very rough. We will try and go for a more practical lighting instead of a 'beauty' lighting, to make sure the puzzle is playable with not frustrations
  • The easy solutions will be fixed in the next release, can't believe we missed those hehe.
  • Main menu indeed does not have a easy way to exit, silly mistake. Will add a button to quit the game.
  • The 2 clicks thing is a bit more complicated. We already have the feature to make it instant-drop, but added the double click to make it easier to preview tiles. We noticed that it helps people think. I guess we could try the single-click in the next release.
  • And moving the tiles AFTER you placed them might break the puzzles, since you could pick up and drop the same tiles until you finish the puzzle. We haven't found a better solution than rewind and reset yet. If you have any suggestions, please do share.

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming!

Mar 30 2012 Anchor

I guess I'd rather play the game like a puzzle, instead of an action game. I have no interest in placing pieces after I hit 'go'. I want to place them all beforehand and then be done. I shouldn't have to have good reaction time to play a puzzle game.

If I had bought the game, I'd probably have quit after the first couple puzzles that require reaction time.

An alternative to that might to be allow pausing as well as free rewind and fast forward. That eliminates the reaction time and 'think on your feet' stuff that I don't like. Sure, you could technically do it already with the rewind button, but that still requires reaction time so that it doesn't rewind too far.

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