You wake up in a hospital with no memories... You are in Buenos Aires in year 2035 and the city is under the control of a military organization. Suddenly, you realize that your life is in danger and that you need to escape as fast as possible. What would you do faced with such a situation? Find out in Reversion - The Escape, the first chapter of a graphic science-fiction adventure in point’n’click.

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Sep 30 2013 Anchor

I was able to complete the chapter, but not without the help of hints. And before you conclude it was due to my insurmountable stupidity, here are some thoughts:

  • It is not immediately clear that you need fire extinguisher to take out the guard under the window. As the matter of fact, it is unclear at all. Maybe Victoria could provide an idea like "We could use something heavy to take him out." (otherwise, she proved no help whatsoever), and then, while inspecting the extinguisher the character could say something like "This could be what we need to take care of the guard downstairs.".
  • Why would a normal person repeatedly ask the grumpy guard why does he feel so bad to find out that he has a headache? Was there anything in game that could prompt that and I just missed it? Otherwise it does not make sense. If anything, it would make him madder.
  • I figured out that adding the rubber to the trash can fire is what I needed to do, but it may help some to say something like "This is not enough to get their attention." after the fire is lit.

Overall, I liked the game, but it could do with more coherence in the story, so that the clues would come from the narrative, and not just checking every available interaction on the screen, or using hints.

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